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5 Brain Exercises That Can Boost Your Psychic Intuition - Bill Brown

Posted 6/18/2015 5:27:00 AM By Bill Brown
Bill Brown
5 Brain Exercises That Can Boost Your Psychic Intuition By Bill Brown


It may seem impossible but many people have claimed to develop or strengthen their psychic intuition with a little practise. Science can’t give any answers to how these abilities develop in certain humans but there is growing evidence to suggest that some simple exercises could open the mind up to working with these abilities in a better way.


Here are some of the most simple and straightforward things you can do to vastly improve your psychic abilities.


1)     Learn to Meditate

The powers of meditation go way beyond simply feeling relaxed. Although it is a sound way to dispel stress and relieve anxiety-related issues but meditation can go a long way towards improving your mental abilities. It won’t come to so easy to you but if you get the hang of regular meditation it is very likely to change your entire perception of life.


Researchers are just getting started with studies involving the benefits of meditation. Properly done meditation allows the mind to focus enough to be able to use its psychic abilities to full potential. Trying daily meditation with brain enhancing drugs called nootropics may help you  reach levels of concentration and focus you would have never believed was possible.


2)     Affirmations

Self suggestion, also known as auto-suggestion is a very powerful tool used by some of the smartest and most successful people of our generation. Auto suggestion or positive statements spoken to yourself can tap into your subconscious mind and help it release hidden abilities of clairvoyance or psychic intuition. Saying that you can will push your mind to make it happen.


3)     Be around Psychics

Simply being around other psychics or people with a deep interest in psychic powers can benefit your powers of intuition. Try to get registered for psychic workshops or lectures for the sort of group that is likely to have many psychics present. Being around others with a well tuned intuitive ability will help you harness their energy for yourself. Their vibrations have a tendency to migrate to other souls via proximity. It could also prove to be a very positive social experience being around other like-minded folk.


4)     Knowledge

The powers of our mind and shrouded in mystery. We have just begun to scratch the surface in terms of understanding how our minds work and what they are most capable of.So you may learn a lot more about intuition and this will help you. You could read about the subject from the internet or simply buy a book. Let your mind explore as much knowledge about the subject as you think is doable. If you can, try finding a mentor to help you on your journey.


5)     Be Open

Open minded people who believe they are capable of such powers are much more likely to develop it. Being receptive and somewhat open will allow your mind to tap into the powers of the universe which will guide your intuition. There is no way to realize your full potential if your are in a constant state of negative thinking and pessimism. 


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