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Can Ayurveda Treat Alibert Bazin Syndrome or Mycosis Fungoides? - Dr. Vikram Chauhan

Posted 12/29/2018 3:52:00 AM By Dr. Vikram Chauhan
Dr. Vikram Chauhan
Can Ayurveda Treat Alibert Bazin Syndrome or Mycosis Fungoides? By Dr. Vikram Chauhan



Alibert Bazin Syndrome or Mycosis  Fungoides is a rare kind of blood cancer  where the white blood cells called T cells grow out of control and move from  the blood into the skin causing a red, itchy rash. Mycosis Fungoides is a  chronic and fatal disease of the reticuloendothelial system.  It is a disease where in T cell lymphocytes  become cancerous and affect the skin.

The  real cause of Alibert Syndrome is yet not known but it could be related to  genes, exposure to some chemicals or cancer-causing substances and even virus.

The  lymphoma originates first in the skin and later involves other parts of the  body like lymph nodes, bone marrow. It is then called systemic Mycosis  Fungoides. The tumor cells enter into the blood, that stage is called Sezary  Syndrome. This grows and spread fast.

Mycosis  Fungoides is more prominent in men. It can affect people of any age but is  commonly found in adults over 50 years of age.

What are the Symptoms of Alibert Bazin Syndrome:?

Symptoms  may vary from person to person in case of Alibert Bazin Syndrome

The  most common and visi ble symptoms include:

  • The  first sign is a scaly, red, eczema type rash on the skin mostly on the areas  not exposed to the sun. The rash may last for months and years without causing  any symptoms. Red patches of skin develop with time and tumor develops into  ulcers and may cause secondary infections.
  • There  could be patches, plaques and tumors all at the same time too.
  • There  is itching and pain in the affected area.
  • When  the disorder has spread throughout the body the symptoms like Unintentional  weight loss, Fatigue, Anemia, Fever, night sweats and insomnia, coughing and  difficulty in swallowing are experienced. In extreme cases where brain is involved,  there could be eye pain and loss of vision.

What are the Diagnoses of Alibert Bazin Syndrome

  • The  diagnoses of Mycosis Fungoides is done during clinical evaluations. It is often  hard for the doctor to diagnose Mycosis Fungoides right away as the patches  looks like eczema, psoriasis or the skin disorders. Biopsy is the first thing  the doctors do to look for signs of cancer.
  • Variety  of specialized techniques and tests like DNA cytophotometry, nuclear canto  analysis and analysis of T cell receptor gene rearrangement helps in diagnosing  the Alibert Bazin syndrome.

What is the Treatment of Alibert Bazin Syndrome

  • If  Alibert Syndrome is diagnosed in the early stage, medicines and therapies like  phototherapies can help in managing the symptoms. Topical steroids and short courses  of UVB during winter months followed by electron bean therapy have proven  beneficial in some cases.
  • Planet Ayurveda offers an effective herbal  treatment for Mycosis Fungoides in the form of five powerful medicines  /products. These are: 

Gandhak Rasayan:

  • Gandhak Rasayan is known for its anti-bacterial,  anti-viral, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. The  main ingredient of Gandhak Rasayan is purified or detoxified sulfur which draws  the moisture from the environment and keeps the skin hydrated. It is one of the  best blood purifier and also digestive stimulant. The product has shown  excellent results in treating all kinds of skin problems like eczema,  psoriasis, scabies, boils, acne, pimple, ringworm, dandruff, itching, hives,  fungal infections and even Mycosis Fungoides.


  • The  recommended dosage of Gandhak Rasayan in treating Mycosis Fungoides is two  tablets two times a day, preferably with meals, with plain water.

Kaishor Guggul:

  • The product is a blend of  excellent herbs like Triphala, Amrita, Guggulu, Trikatu, Vidanga, Danti,  Trivrit and Ghrita. This herbal  product is a great blood purifier and helps in maintaining healthy white blood  cells. It helps with the symptoms of Mycosis Fungoides like reducing fever, any  kinds of inflammations and supports healthy metabolism in the body.


  • The  recommended dosage of Kaishor Guggul for treating Mycosis Fungoides is two  tables two times a day, preferably after meals, with plain water only.

Radiant Skin Hair Capsules

  • As the name suggests, the product  is a very authentic Ayurvedic preparation for radiant skin and hair. The  formulation is a blend of herbs like Majistha, Pit Papda, Chirata and Ghrit  Kumari. All these in combination makes this product very effective in treating  Mycosis Fungoides. The regular use of Radiant Skin Hare Capsules give a glowing  and even skin complexion.


  • The  recommended dosage for Radiant Skin Hair Capsules for treating Mycosis  Fungoides is 2 capsules two times a day with plain water.

Manjistha Capsules:

  • This product is the best blood purifier.  The medicine detoxifies the blood, dissolves all obstructions to the blood flow  and removes all stagnant blood. It tones up the blood vessels and strengthens  the vascular system. The capsules are prepared from the herb Manjishtha (Rubia Cordifolia)  which is well known for its anti-oxidant and astringent properties.  The medicine works well in removing pimples,  freckles, discolorations and promotes the healing of skin tissues due to any  kind of infection.


  • The  recommended dosage for Manjistha Capsules for treating Mycosis Fungoides is 2  capsules two times a day with plain water, preferably after meals.

Curcumin Capsules:

  • The product is prepared from the  best quality standardized extract of curcumin.   Curcumin is age old remedy for all kinds of skin disorders. It  strengthens the immunity system and prevents all forms of tumors or cancers. It  is the best antiseptic passed on from generations. The product has shown  excellent results in all kinds of inflammatory conditions, allergies, cancers  and indigestions.


  • The  recommended dosage for Curcumin Capsules for treating Mycosis Fungoides is 2  capsules two times a day with plain water, preferably after meals.

Why Planet Ayurveda Products?

  • The  product can be taken as a dietary supplement by anyone.
  • All  products offered by Planet Ayurveda are safe, natural and free from any side  effects. They are 100 percent vegetarian products with no artificial flavoring,  chemicals or added colors.
  • Alibert  Bazin is a very difficult illness to cure. Some people stay in remission for a  long time. The disorder may spread to other parts of the body including  gastrointestinal system, liver, spleen and brain.

Herbal treatment for Alibert Bazin works as a  very good supportive treatment.


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