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Discovering my Nr. 1 Priority in Life And Practicing The “Muscle” of Staying Present & Connected - Heike Prevrhal

Posted 1/7/2012 12:00:00 AM By Heike Prevrhal
Heike Prevrhal
Discovering my Nr. 1 Priority in Life And Practicing  The “Muscle” of Staying Present & Connected By Heike Prevrhal

I just came home from a yoga class. I’ve been practicing yoga for many years, part of the time pretty seriously, not so much recently. Even though I’ve been spiritually inclined for a long time, closely watching myself, there always were many different agendas and goals coming through in different moments during a yoga class: Becoming better, going deeper into a pose, doing it right, impressing my teacher or other students, looking good, or at least good enough, proving something to myself, maybe creating a certain image like “Oh, look at that spiritual Yogini!” - all attempts to fill up some subtle perceived hole within myself that seemed to need something...

My goals for yoga, and really, for any other moments in my life today have become very, very simple – and there really only is one big priority left, that seems to be the key ingredient for my overall happiness, for me to remain spacious, content, and peaceful. By simply tending to this one goal - many other aspects of my life tend to fall into place, it allows me to move somewhat gracefully through life, with a sense of being supported and held, even while stumbling and through challenging times - that is whenever I do remember and tend to this one thing…

That one major focus I have today is staying connected to my very own core, to the essence of my being, the silence, spaciousness, awareness. I don’t even know how to call it. It has to do with feeling truly embodied, and with moving, talking, acting from stillness, inner connection.  As long as I remain in this connection, all is well. But it does not come in a big blissful way to me, it’s not loud, it’s more like I really have to listen out for “it” so I do not overlook its silent presence. And yet, whenever I do remember, it is there for me, waiting patiently, regardless – and as I am coming to trust this intangible sense of Presence more and more, it is starting to become my most trusted, most reliable, maybe only really solid and steady, permanent “rock” in the sea of life. And in its being so non-spectacular, so nothing, at times a careful, great sense of joy, of deeply felt gratitude arises within my body and brings a smile to my face, and a taste of great freedom.

But of course, that’s all against more than 40 years of conditioning to pay attention to my busy mind – yet getting involved with, absorbed by my busy mind actually seems to be one of the ways that make it incredibly hard to at the same time maintain this awareness of remaining in connection with myself. As soon as I do get too involved, I can instantly feel a sense of contraction, antsy-ness, unease creeping and spreading within my body – and what becomes clear is that it’s not really because of what I might be thinking, engaging in, but simply the fact that I am focused so much on mental activity, thinking, doing, that I don’t manage to remain conscious about that being part of me at the same time at the moment.

For decades I’ve tried getting rid of the underlying anxiety trying to fix, change, accomplish things on the outside world, or the “inner-outside world” of my own thoughts and emotions. Now I know, trust, experience that the only place where I can find lasting peace is in carefully and dedicatedly tending to the conscious connection to “myself”, my essence on an on-going moment-to-moment base. It really is as easy as taking a breath when feeling a sense of disconnect, and coming back home, again, again, again, realizing that home is always right here anyway. And staying home, until we forget again, and catch ourselves again. Every single moment offers an opportunity to remain at ease, regardless, is an invitation of the divine shining through our life. So simple, so hard.

I have found some ways that serve me greatly in practicing this long neglected muscle of remaining connected within and disengaging from the minds chatter (it’s fine for it to keep on chattering, just depends how serious we take it, and I used to take it very serious…):

  • Reconnecting with the creative process that seems to be fed very much by this non-rational, non-linear space in us has been working wonders for me: I’ve been doing process-oriented painting for two years now at a beautiful studio in San Francisco, and it’s been very helpful in practicing the muscle of  “being” with myself, reconnection to what is again and again and again. 
  • I’ve been seeking out movement classes that focus on moving from within, from connection and on exploration in the moment  – so fun! Here is the link to one great dance teacher who works along those lines:
  • It is helpful to put some effort into emotional release work: It is one way of “turning off” all or some of the “noise” in your system that’s created by old trauma and pain from the past on an on-going base. The work I offer as a Matrix Reimprinting and EFT Practitioner and Trainer can accomplish that and has been an important tool for my personal transformation, too. EFT tapping is not only an effective but also affordable way to release emotional baggage, as you can learn the basic technique fast and can start using it for yourself on the smaller stuff from then on (please check my web site for info regarding sessions and up-coming workshops:
  • Slowing down: Really starting to acknowledge and value the times of doing nothing, accomplishing nothing, and not having an agenda. I used to have the hardest time to “just be”, as a lost of my value in my world seemed connected to what I accomplish – and needed some deep emotional release work before I was able to overcome some of those engrained patterns and beliefs. Now staying home, sitting with myself can be as or more joyful and fulfilling than going to a great party at times. Having some kind of regular meditation practice feels very supportive to me, too, even if it’s only 10 minutes of sitting before going to sleep.  
  • Create support by consciously creating community around what you really, deeply care about: That’s what I really appreciate about Awakening 360. You could make new connections through Awakening 360, join appropriate meetups ( or create your own monthly Eckhart Tolle or Adyashanti group to find like-minded friends in your area. 

May you find ways of practicing your muscle of staying present and in connection. May you deeply tend to this relationship within yourself & to the universe. May you know ease and freedom, and re-discover joy and playfulness!

San Francisco, Jan. 7th, 2012

I’d love hearing from you! Please comment, or email me at

Cheers, Heike!

Certified MR & EFT Practitioner and Trainer




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