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Look Years Younger by Reversing your Greying Hair. - Alister Bredee

Posted 10/20/2012 10:49:00 PM By Alister Bredee
Alister Bredee
Look Years Younger by Reversing your Greying Hair. By Alister Bredee

Grey hair tends to be ageing; I think we all agree! Though, more and more people are going grey earlier. Why is that? They say the age the hair turns grey is determined by the genes.  If your parents turned grey young, then you stand a statistically good chance of doing the same. The rate, however, your hair loses its original lustrous colour is rather up to you!

This is not entirely a matter of conscious choice but depends on how you have taken care of your health. When we are twenty it is possible to drink a bottle of vodka and smoke a pack of cigarettes each day, but as we grow older this is no longer viable.  Besides the earlier health risks do begin to show their negative fruits sooner than we would have liked. It really pays to take good care of you, because this provides a safeguard against premature ill health. This translates into vibrant mental, emotional and physical wellbeing into old age. Cigarettes for example contain approximately 600 toxins including arsenic and strychnine. The ingestion of smoke makes the system very acidic which betrays itself in wrinkled dry skin as well as early grey hair. Both of these make us look older than we really are. Other factors that contribute to the hair changing colour include anemia. There are two types; one is characterized by a lack of iron which is best described as a megoblastic condition and the other, pernicious anemia, which is a digestive complication that causes Vitamin B12 deficiency. To counteract the effects one needs to look at the full spectrum of B Vitamins. It is important they are kept in balance and contain a natural form of B12 to complete the synthesis.

An imbalance of B vitamins is poor nutrition but so is poor diet characterized by fast foods, deep frying and an overabundance of starchy carbohydrates. This sort of eating pattern comes at the expense of life giving fruits and fresh vegetables.

Often when the hair begins to lighten because the keratin or pigment producing cells start to die off, people panic and begin to consider the advantages of hair dyes. Hair dyes provide artificial pigmentation. Most dyes depend upon hydrogen peroxide to give the illusion that natural coloration has been re-established. Hair bleach on its own gives a brassy blond shade, but it is also used to strip the hair of its natural colour, so the artificial dye can take a hold.   Bleaching is extremely harmful. It produces dry and brittle hair follicles which have a natural propensity to greyness unless the chemical product is incessantly reapplied. Over 60% of dyes contain P-Phenylenediamine; this is classified as a toxin by the EU. This chemical is shown to  affect the skin, immune and respiratory system as well as the liver. Other chemicals present include ammonia and resorcinol. This has been shown to disrupt hormonal function in rats. It has also been exposed to cause hypothyroidism. In recent years low thyroid function, especially in women, has reached epidemic proportions. This has given rise to low blood pressure and decreased levels of progesterone with a knock on result of high estrogen intensities. This leads to PMT and fat and cellulite build up around the waist and hips. Some dyes even contain lead acetate; this causes a heavy metal overload. What to do about hair dyes? Well, supposedly natural hair dyes contain fewer toxic chemicals, so that is a start. It seems the darker you wish to colour the more risks are involved.

However, there are some preferable natural alternatives. Copper is said to stop greying. You can purchase a supplement or Organic Black Strap Molasses has a high Copper content. You can lighten hair colour with honey or the herb rosemary and for darker shades Henna is an excellent choice. It may appear too red for some but an auburn tint has always been attractive!

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