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Seeking Heartwood - Adam Eurich

Posted 9/17/2012 10:58:00 AM By Adam Eurich
Adam Eurich
Seeking Heartwood By Adam Eurich


I'm a filmmaker currently working on a documentary about Buddhism in America.  I've spent the last 21 months on a road trip traveling around the country documenting how Buddhism is being adapted to this culture and the consequences on both Buddhist traditions and our society.  I keep a blog of my travels and document the journey through photography.
You can find some information about this project at my website, but briefly, I'm working on a film that aims to pull out some wisdom from the lifetime of practice, study, and kindness of the generation of Americans who have spent decades practicing the Buddha's teachings and make it accessible for upcoming generations.  To dispel common myths and misconceptions regarding the Buddha's teachings and create a conversation about how relevant they are to a society that has everything yet seems unfulfilled by it's excess. 
I often visit the Bay area for the wealth of outsanding Buddhist meditation teachers.  During one of my recent visits a friend recommended that I post information about my project on Awakening 360.  I hope this crowd find's it interesting and worthwhile.  And if you're interested in supporting my efforts, I have a Kickstarter fundraising campaign going until October 11th.



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