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Lucid Fiction - Tantra Bensko

Posted 9/9/2011 12:00:00 AM By Tantra Bensko
Tantra Bensko
Lucid Fiction By Tantra Bensko

Oh, boy, reading literature is the way to change the world. Right? OK, how about writing it?




Well, OK. Maybe not. But, maybe.


I write and promote a genre I call Lucid Fiction. Think of what constitutes a story – plot, which is conflict that get worse and worse, and oh, my, how will it ever be solved, the characters have so much at stake, because it's a “good story,” so the problems seem insurmountable. The tension rises along the plot arc. We think things are getting better, but the story gets undercut, and it's actually going worse for the poor characters. Drama! Horror! Suspense!




Is that the only thing that entertains us? Wouldn't you rather snuggle up with a cup of warm raw cacao with raw milk and xylitol and organic cinnamon sprinkled on top, with a fiction book that helps take you into an expanded state of awareness, shows characters combining their parallel lives, the non-local nature of consciousness? Would you prefer your digestion be improved rather than inhibited by tense muscles, restricting enzymes, adrenal stress?


Would you rather for example, read about characters who can tune into that and do energy work, miracle healings? Who aren't so dependent on corporations. Who are shamanic, people doing spiritual practice, who are aware of past lives, entities, the secrets mass media doesn't talk about.


That's not only the kind of writing I do, but I also teach, and publish. I guest authored the Lucid Fiction section of Medulla Review, and was excited to see how many authors were relieved to find such a niche. I'd like to encourage people to open up to what's possible in literature, away from the default requirement of a linear plot based on problems. I'd encourage you to read it, and write it.


My own books of it include the brand spanking new Lucid Membrane, and The Cabinet of What You Don't See, and I have two other Lucid Fiction books slated for publication soon by Night Publishing. I like to delve within long works like that into the subconscious and the Higher Self, and also include the every day beta-brainwave frequency perspective in some stories too, to keep the full balance.


People reading my fiction say it puts them immediately into a trance, into alpha or maybe theta, and their consciousness expands as in a lucid dream. I like that state better, myself, than the hyper vigilance of adrenalin that comes from most fiction, and movies. I think it uses stories to help us rise out of our stories, into the rest of our Being.


And I believe if we as a whole start getting more familiar with this kind of literature, it can have some small wave effect on our society, as we release the default acceptance of real life plot based on conflict, and the adrenalin addiction to more and more tense stimulation.



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