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The Shadows Are Calling Us - Thomas Hübl

Posted 3/7/2011 12:00:00 AM By Shachar Erez
Shachar Erez
The Shadows Are Calling Us By Thomas Hübl

What is your understanding of the goal of spiritual life and spiritual practice?

I think we need to be careful in naming a goal, especially in a capitalistic environment, because in that environment people are used to think of goals as “what I can get for me”, which is not at all the point of spiritual life and practice. But having said that, then I can say that one goal is to become aware of and transcend the old structures that we identify with, so that we can realize new versions of ourselves, which are wider and more open than the ones we currently know. As a result, we also realize the ever present playground of life and, equally important, we realize the creative power that is behind all forms of consciousness.

There are many spiritual groups and paths that have a strong attraction only to stillness, but what I’m most interested in is how we can realize the stillness within movement and the movement within stillness. In other words, I’m interested not only in the realization of the transcendent aspect of ourselves, the ever-present awareness, but also in finding out how it informs life, moment to moment, and how it manifests in the creative or evolutionary process of life and in all the levels or structures that come out of it. Finding and realizing the answer to that question appears to be a very radical, challenging and demanding matter for us.

A: With his work as a spiritual teacher Huebl describes having an "open background or familiarity with anything spiritual I hear that you put a very strong emphasis on integrating all parts of the personality so that nothing is left behind, so to speak.

Yes, and I’m talking about integrating the parts of our individuality that appear in our day-to-day life, because these are the parts that are really important for us to integrate. I don’t need to take ten years to search for them, because they come out in my day-to-day situations, in the dynamics of my relationships with other people, whenever I hit a limitation, whenever I start acting unconsciously toward other people and become aware of it. That’s when I need to look at it.

Also, in my experience, often when someone tells me that they hit a wall in their life, I find that there is blocked evolutionary potential there. There is a potential there that couldn’t unfold, that couldn’t express its inherent intelligence, and this created tension in the body-mind system. And so one aspect of my work is liberating the evolutionary intelligence that exists in stages that we’ve already gone through, but that remained blocked and didn’t express itself. Do you understand what I’m saying?

I think so. So you feel that it is problematic if an individual went through different evolutionary stages but didn’t actualize the potentials that exist within each of those stages?

Absolutely. You can compare this to a tree that starts growing underneath the roof of a garage and then comes out and continues growing into the sky. You don’t need to tell the tree how to grow — the intelligence of the tree itself knows how to grow. But it needs the right circumstances to manifest that intelligence. In the same way, if you live in an environment and in cultural structures that support the manifestation of your inherent intelligence, then you’d be a happy, creative, vibrant human being. But if those systems do not support certain aspects of your intelligence, then it will not manifest its full potential.  Wherever it got stuck and blocked, you would feel its un-presence in your life, often in the form of a dissonance between your thoughts and feelings and the actual situations you encounter. So whenever we find such dissonance in ourselves, it means that there is an evolutionary potential locked away there, unconscious, calling us to pay attention to it and to release it.

I like the fact you’re not talking about solving problems so that we can be normal, but about releasing potentials so that we can be much more than normal. That’s a very different motivation for looking at what needs to be looked at.

That’s right. If I know that the tension that I feel in my psyche is not an indication of bad things but of an intelligence that wants be unleashed, that is waiting to contribute to life, then I’d be happy to do whatever I need to do in order to release it. Not because I want to feel better, but because I know that this would be my contribution to humanity, and I even feel that it is my responsibility to do so.

Well, I’m sure that as a spiritual teacher you know that it’s one thing for someone to recognize that intellectually, and a very different thing to find the real emotional motivation to actually do the work.

That’s right, and that why I do my best to cultivate that motivation in people and feed it with a lot of energy. I help people see the potential we have to create something higher together, which is what I call “The New We”, and I help them see that what we can create together is a combination of our potentials and shadows. It makes you realize that you need to have the honesty and courage and endurance to go through your worst fears and deepest pain, and to actively integrate them all, for that higher purpose. This, I believe, will have an effect on organizations, on businesses, on schools, on therapy sessions and on spiritual groups.

Do you feel that shadow areas, those blocked potentials, are mostly defined by the personal history or by the culture that we grow in?

I think both. The individual history and the cultural history are very tightly and strongly interwoven, and the individual conditioning is so strongly influenced by the culture that it’s very hard sometimes to separate one from the other. I think that we need to re-examine some of the distinctions that separate the psychological, the cultural and the spiritual aspects, and draw a map that doesn’t have such splits.

I also think that we’re heading toward the next level of collective insight, which will deal a lot with the integration and transformation of shadow aspects into a healthier version of society. I think that this is something that is strongly coming up in human consciousness, and that it will happen on a collective level. We just have to take care of the lower levels of evolution so that we can move on to higher levels, or else there will always be the pull back.

How do you see in relationship to Nazism and the holocaust?

Obviously in Germany there is strong collective shadow, that is expressing itself in a  large number of people. It came up again and again in my workshops after two or three days of intense work, and I realized that I had to address it on a large scale. So I created what I call “A Holocaust Healing Event”, and this year we’re going to have it for the fourth time in Germany with about 1,000 participants. It is such an intense thing that happened in Germany, that it needs a lot of work to even start facing it. But I have no doubt that in Germany we cannot go looking for spiritual awakening and neglect this part. It won’t work. We need to really look at this, and this is part of our spiritual journey.

I’m asking you this also because of the connection between the holocaust and the establishing of the State of Israel, and also because Israel has its own shadow – the fact that we expelled the inhabitants of this land and took their land, whether for good or bad reasons.

Yes, I think we cannot deny the karmic connection between the establishment of the state of Israel and the Holocaust, and also between its establishment and the fact that many Arab people left their homes and became refugees. But there are also many other important factors that make the situation here very complex. You have this very young and modern state – the Israeli people really formed only over the last 60 years, from people who came and are continuing to come here from all over the globe, and yet you all have such a strong sense of belonging here, of being a family. Then you have the mythological religions in the background – Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and Israel being again in the lens of the world.

I think that if we manage to understand the evolutionary drives that want to express themselves, and their role in creating collective cultural consciousness, the Israeli-Arab conflict will unravel itself. And if we can do this in Israel, then we will be able to do it in the whole world. So I think it’s a very interesting and challenging place, and that making a difference in Israel will benefit all of humanity.

Because of this great complexity, wouldn’t it be better if we just left the whole history behind and started building a whole different future, that has nothing to do with what happened before?

I think it has truth to it, because people that are manifesting new tracts of consciousness in the world – new businesses, new education systems, new ways of politics, for example – are creating something that is more attractive than the old tracts. This is very, very important. And still, I think, we also need to identify the places where there is a lot of energy locked in the unconscious, because there is a strong magnetic attraction to those places, and they absorb a lot of our energy.  We have to do both – support individuals whose energy is free to flow forward and manifest future potentials, and clear the big rocks in the river that tend to clog up the flow. 


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