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The Spirit of Scorpio - Beth McDonald - Santa Barbara Psychic & Intuitive

Posted 10/14/2012 6:30:00 PM By Beth McDonald - Santa Barbara Psychic & Astrologer
Beth McDonald - Santa Barbara Psychic & Astrologer
The Spirit of Scorpio By Beth McDonald - Santa Barbara Psychic & Intuitive

It's no coincidence that the holidays of Samhain, Halloween, All Saints' Day, All Souls' Day, and the Day of the Dead all happen when the Sun and some of the smaller, faster, personal planets are in this sign. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio's realm is narrow and deep. Like a freaking fissure, narrow and deep. I make my living making this stuff funny, and it is truly hard to be funny about the sign that rules death and the dark side, taxes and toxins. No, really.

As a sign, Scorpio is just dead serious. It rules the cycles and circles of life; the spirit world and all its different denizens; mediumship and psychic abilities; and the redemption that comes from being reborn. Scorpio - and its complete ownership of the harvest season cycles - gives us a shot at a more conscious evolution. Scorpio is, as just about any Scorpio will tell you, Zen to the end

Scorpio rules the deep end of the pool, where it is always Adult Swim. It rules harsh realities: things that are just in your face. One of them is politics. During this time, politics just seems to get a lot hotter, on both macro and micro levels. Whether we want them or not, we tend to get key insights into our leaders and our systems of governance, into what we believe about them, and into the hows and whys of the ways we show up and participate. Or not. 

 And those of you for whom the upcoming Mercury retrograde is providing an advanced tutorial (November 6th - 26th), rock right on. You are being shown the politics of your interpersonal relationships, and given opportunities create greater depth, satisfaction and success in them. The places where you are your own worst enemy become clearer, and you get to figure out how to do that a lot less. Or at least begin to begin beginning to figure it out. Regardless, it is bueno, so try not to fret. 

Scorpio also rules ambition, and the ability to get results. So ideally, at this time of year we can see more clearly than ever how we got where we are, and what we have to shift in order to get more of what we want. Yes, making that shift is a whole other conversation, but Scorpio is the strongest sign in the Zodiac. So those who are truly committed to goals and to the process of achieving them can usually get some real traction this time of year.

No matter where you are swimming, astrology - the spiritual language of the seasons - can help guide you along your way. Astrology is, for all its complexity, my favorite way of hedging your bets, of using probability and statistics to make better choices and create success strategies. It is sort of the actuarial table of the ancients. These bits I am giving you in my blogs and articles are just the ground zero of it. You can always go deeper; get more personal and more specific and therefore more accurate. Always. Regardless, or perhaps in addition, you have more love and support from the other side of the veil than you can ever know. And this time of year, it is more available and accessible. Use it. If you get stuck, call me. We'll figure it out. 

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