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"Where's My Love" 2 hr. workshop still has me captivated - Jennifer Francia

Posted 1/4/2012 12:00:00 AM By Jennifer Francia
Jennifer Francia

In attending Daniel Packard’s workshop “Where’s My Love?” as an Awakener for Awakening360, my original intent was to share the beautiful work that I had a feeling Daniel did with all the Awakening 360 community. The evening was filled with a lot of laughter, serious humor, and valuable truths revealed. Male or female- it didn’t matter. The entire room was packed. Everyone got a lot of valuable information from attending that will stay with us forever. Both men and women gave powerful insights of what they went home with and how they were going to apply them. I loved Daniels acronym for FLIRT. Free Love in Real Time.


I have revised my review many times. I don’t think that anything that I can say will do justice to the work that Daniel does and shares so openly. It was “THAT GOOD” that I just don’t know what exactly to share. On that note, here’s the rest of my review…I attended “Where’s My Love” workshop the week prior to Christmas. I went home with a whole lot of self reflection. It’s weeks later and I’m still digesting what I had learned in two hours listening to Daniel share about loving relationships and dating. There are so many daily “aha” moments that I’m still having. Daniel said, that in general, women call men assholes or freak out in some way when their expectation isn’t met….when the man doesn’t give us what we want we feel threatened because the root of that is anger. Anger is a form of fear. I’m looking at myself and many of the people in my life. Truth hurts sometimes. There were a lot of moments of, “wow Jena- that’s what that was really about?”


I realized something else for myself from listening to Daniel. I’ve been lying to myself. The truth is, I do want the happily ever after. I want to be “That perfect couple”. I also realized that I had been attracting more of the same because I had little value of myself and what I could actually have. A lot of women do this, says Daniel. People we don’t have to settle! If it isn’t what you want, cut it off and move on! Ya know what I mean? I finally get it! HOOWEE!

What I’m implementing and have taken away from Daniel’s workshop is this-

“Follow the connection. Don’t let fear in and win. Create your own frequency and you will be found.” Grow some balls! Be who you are and own it! Not who you think the person you’re with wants you to be. Most people want to have something solid like a tree to hold. “Whatever you wanna do is fine” thing just doesn’t cut it! Speak up and ask for what you want.

You’ll understand why I am still digesting what I’ve learned once you’ve attended Daniel Packard’s workshop “Where’s My Love”. You may find him in New York; you may find him in the SF Bay area, or somewhere in between. Thank you, Daniel, for allowing me to attend.



Here’s Daniel’s contact info-




Many Blessings and Infinite Love,

Jena Francia

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