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White Cedar Remedies - Gluten-Free Cedar Cream
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Shachar Erez
Soula Neo
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Address Cobourg, ON, Canada

White Cedar Remedies - Gluten Free, All Natural Topical Cream for Pain Relief

White Cedar Remedies has a new innovative Health and Wellness Product for You: A Topical Cream, Gluten Free, All Natural, WILL RELIEVE YOUR MUSCULAR ACHES AND PAINS/ARTHRITIS SYMPTOMS with one application ‘Healing Thru Nature’.

Check out our available products and browse our site for more information on our Remedies!

Why Cedar?

The Cedar Tree is known for being the TREE OF LIFE. First Peoples of North America have used the Tree of Life for thousands of years. There are many uses for it, for example it's used to cure scurvy, a deadly disease caused y lack of Vitamin C. People used to get scurvy when crossing the ocean. Not just that but the Northern white cedar contains higher amounts of Vitamin C than even an orange.

Cedar is also the sacred medicine of the West direction, and is used for cleansing and energizing. First Peoples frequently use cedar to line the floor of their sweat lodges, and have prepared a number of combinations of different cedars for smudging. Cedar smoke has a fresh, invigorating scent.


Our products are all GLUTEN FREE!

Gluten allergies have been known to lead to arthritis, muscle aches and pains, stomach problems, headaches, diarrhea, irritability, depression, fatigue and the ultimately death, unless otherwise diagnosed and treated.

Traditional Healing

Many plants are used in traditional healing. In some cases, the plants are well-known folk remedies, such as willow bark, which contains salicylic acid and was self-prescribed as required as a pain reliever. However, in more serious illnesses a spiritual element is required in addition to the botanical element, and the combination of medicines for one person may not be the same as for another person with the same condition.

A true Healer or Medicine Person will receive guidance from the spirits regarding what combination will work in a particular case. For this reason, it is generally ineffective (and possibly dangerous!) to try to use Native American healing preparations that have not been given specifically to you for your condition.

Relieves Pain from:

  • Over 100 forms of Arthritis
  • General Muscle aches & pains
  • Muscle cramping
  • Joint inflammation
  • Substance abuse withdrawal

About The Founder

We decided to share with people this homemade white cedar topical cream that is all natural and ready to use. We have made this natural remedy for 5 years and has given it to people as gifts.

With positive feedback from a couple hundred people it is time to spread the healing to others who may be in need. We are passionate about helping people in many different ways. Healing Thru Nature is just one way of assisting people in relieving pain and will be beneficial to all.

Gluten Free Pain Relief White Cedar Cream Natural Arthritis Relief

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