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Corinna Maharani: Ayurveda Cleansing
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Shachar Erez
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Address 1605 Bath St, #2, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA
Phone 805-452-2526

Santa Barbara Ayurveda  - Corinna Maharani

Corinna Maharani, C.A.P. - Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

Maharani Ayurveda

The mission of Maharani Ayurveda is to make authentic Ayurvedic treatments accessible to those who are interested in authentic, alternative healing modalities. Maharani Ayurveda was established in 1991 and has made  a name for itself in the field of Ayurveda by offering treatments, products and consultations to thousands of people in the last 20 years. It capitalized on the vast experience and educational background of its owner, Corinna Maharani, who is a certified teacher of Ayurvedic treatments. She has taught nationally for over ten years and enjoys sharing her love for Ayurveda with others.

She studied with leading pioneers in the field and has completed her advanced studies in both the USA and India. Her trademark style is shaped by the analogy to the name “Maharani Ayurveda”TM as it translates from the Vedic language Sanskrit to “The great queen of knowledge of life.” Our patients will feel that reference as they experience the bliss that derives from our royal treatments and artfully designed services.

Ayurveda originated more than 5000 years ago in the Vedic civilization of India. This ancient healing science balances and heals the body, mind and spirit. Our center offers the most authentic Ayurvedic therapies, treatments and services.

Maharani Ayurveda was established in 1991, and has offered Ayurvedic treatments to thousands of people. All treatments are extremely relaxing, holistic and restorative to the whole being. We invite you to visit us today.

Abhyanga: Hot Oil Massage

The classic hot oil treatment is an excellent antidote to our everyday stresses. This massage is most effective in soothing the nervous system through skillful touch and the use of delicious herbal oil formulations. Your treatment starts with a floral footbath and the serving of tea. Once in the treatment room, warm oil is poured over the entire body, while gentle hands administer soothing touch.

Here are some of the benefits associated with the Abhyanga massage:

  •     Nourishes the body while relieving fatigue
  •     Increases mental alertness
  •     Calms and rejuvenates the nerves system and senses (Rejuvenates and calms?)
  •     Invites deeper sleep at night
  •     Enhances the complexion and luster of the skin
  •     Increases circulation and tones the muscles
  •     Removes tightness and tension throughout the body.

1 hour: $95/1.5 hours: $130

Two practitioners can also perform this massage in synchrony for an additional $60/hrs.

Shirodhara: The pouring of medicated oils across the forehead

This is the signature treatment of Maharani Ayurveda and famous for it deeply relaxing effects on the nervous system. All the major glands that are located between the eyebrows are being massaged by the gentle streaming of warm herbalized oil. This allows the mind to drift into a deep state of transcendence, similar to the sensation we feel right before we nod off to sleep. In this state of relaxation, when all the self-healing mechanisms are activated, the mind can rejuvenate from deep-seated stresses and tensions. A neck, shoulder and head massage is also included in this incredible experience.

One hour: $95

Swedhana: Ayurvedic Herbal Steam Bath

Soften your tight muscles and detox your body with a specially designed steam bath. Enjoy the delicious herbal steam decoction enveloping your body after a massage or simply enjoy this treatment by itself.

$40 as a single treatment, $25 combined with any other service.

You can enjoy all three therapies mentioned above for one package price of $195 (Bliss package)

Udvartana: Deep cleansing body scrub

We first begin this treatment with an herbal oil application, followed by a steam bath and finally a herbal paste massage. This treatment is very cleansing to the lymphatic system as it removes toxins from the fat and muscle tissues and stimulating fat metabolism. It also cleanses the skin deeply and leaves it feeling soft, radiant and nourished. In addition, it can reduce cellulite and promote weight loss.

1.5 hrs: $185

Ayurvedic Facial

We use organic freshly made Ayurvedic products to create a luxurious facial that deeply nourishes your skin while leaving your skin looking younger and more radiant. We also use the skillful techniques of Marma therapy: placing of herbal compound on the facial skin while holding specific acupressure points, to relieve tension in the facial muscles. The whole face relaxes and some fine lines and wrinkles may diminish. This complete facial treatment includes massage, masks, herbal steam and a wide variety of other pampering techniques.

One hour: $95

Nasya : Enliven your senses

This treatment is renewing to all your sense organs, calms allergies and can even help with the prevention of cold and flu. It starts with a massage to the upper body, facial steam and herbal drops for the nasal passages. The ears are being massaged and treated to enhance the hearing. The eyes rejuvenate by bathing them in soothing decoction leaving them looking brighter and younger while supporting your vision.

One hour: $95

Ear Candle

This treatment uses Ayurvedic ear massage, special ear oils as well as top quality beeswax candles to remove excess earwax from the ear channels. This process can relieve dryness and ringing in the ear, which can lead to better hearing.

One hour: $75

Pranic healing and energy work

Using energy, polarity and Marma therapy, the subtle energetic fields of the body become balanced and a sense of wellness returns to the whole being. Special dough dams are placed on the heart chakra or other important energetic centers and then filled with medicated oils. After the area has been saturated and energy work has been applied, grief, anger, sadness and other unwanted emotions can be released and a sense of calmness and joy prevails.

One hour: $75

Pancha Karma: The royal Ayurvedic detox cleanse

Pancha Karma is the classic Ayurvedic cleanse, combining a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments during a 3-day period, to achieve maximum healing results. The holistic cleanse is a time tested body-cleansing program which begins with a consultation, diet instructions, and a personalized treatment program plan, designed to detoxify your body on a cellular level.

Price ranges from $585-$885

Ayurvedic Consultations

Ayurveda uses pulse diagnosis, body typing and a wide variety of diagnostic tools to create a comprehensive analysis of your present constitution and make recommendation accordingly. These personalized suggestions include diet, lifestyle, exercise, herbs, treatments and more.

Please call Maharani Ayurveda to schedule your treatment today, 805-452-2526 or email us at:

By appointment only.

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