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Dr Andrea Seiffertt
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Reduce medication use, learn healthy environmentally friendly options to improve your health, and feel better next year than you did last year!

Take advantage of our wide range of services and make an appointment today!

The Center For Sustainable Medicine is located in Santa Barbara, California, and is dedicated to partnering with you to create better health for you and our environment. We offer comprehensive health assessments for individual clients interested in making healthy changes in their lives, and provide clients with skills and tools to assure attaining and maintaining complete physical, mental, and emotional health.

Available now are individual consultations based in Ayurveda, individual Internal Medicine consultations, Osteopathic Manipulation treatments, individual or group nutrition and cooking classes, and workshops on pretty much any health topic you’re interested in. I travel to speak at health events, to teach classes, and I write for publications.

Right now, the best way to learn to apply Ayurvedic skills to your own health is to come in for an individual consultation. I teach practical common sense skills to achieve and maintain good health, using many different Ayurvedic modalities depending on the root cause of each issue. Many times this involves any or all of the following personalized recommendations: nutrition information, sleep treatment, simple lifestyle changes, exercise recommendations, short term herbal supplements, counseling, or even cleansing routines to attain balance more quickly. 

Our main mission is to partner with you to create positive change.

Thank you for participating!

Holistic Services

  • Comprehensive Ayurvedic Health Assessments and follow up appointments
  • Internal Medicine consultations (especially medication weaning and chronic disease treatment planning)
  • Acute care ("sick visits" shorter in duration and lower cost) for established patients
  • Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment sessions
  • Ayurvedic Counseling sessions
  • Individualized Nutrition plans with kitchen optimization and cooking lessons in your own home
  • Natural Meditation Training classes

Common conditions treated

  • Women's health issues
  • weight optimization
  • sleep disorders
  • "adrenal fatigue"
  • digestive sensitivities
  • "candida overgrowth"
  • headaches
  • chronic diseases such as diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • and of course preventative medicine


Ayurveda is an ancient system of knowledge that started in Egypt over 6000 years ago, developed and flourished in India into not only primary care, but also subspecialties like surgery and dermatology, and still provides primary care for hundreds of thousands of people in India and around the world. This science is concerned with how we relate to our environment based in the understanding that we are part of nature and the source of consciousness, and nature heals if it is allowed.

Ayurvedic practitioners like me use this system to partner with you to find the underlying causes of ill health, and we use various methods to understand and treat the source instead of treating symptoms. The focus is on holistically preventing disease and improving health- spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical.

When imbalance is found, there are many tools we can teach clients for self-healing and restoring flow, involving things like meditation, biorhythm attunement and attention to sleep, food and spices to improve digestion, yoga and breathing techniques, ayurvedic counseling, herbs, detoxification programs, and energy healing.

Treatments are all nature-based, gentle, and build upon each other, communicating with the body and reminding the body how to be in balance again. The goal is to empower people by using common sense and teaching tangible skills to provide our patients with the experience of improved health and becoming more in tune with their own nature and higher consciousness, and to pass on this knowledge to someday put ourselves out of business!

Why meditate?

Our ability to participate in life and the extent we are able to participate in life depends on how aware we are.

If we are aware of ourselves, of how we go about existing and interacting with ourselves and with others, we can evaluate whether those ways of existing serve us, and then we can change how we do those things if needed. If we become aware of ourselves, we have a chance of being aware of others, our community, and our earth, and that greater awareness facilitates understanding, which can be used to help decrease suffering on all levels... 


Words from colleagues and clients:

“The minute I met Dr Andrea, I knew I liked her. Once she began talking about her practice, she owned me. My son had been making some changes in his life; exercise, eating habits, and I was nervous about some of them. For the record, Yes, he is a grown man, yet I still have stretch marks giving me the right to ‘gently’ suggest my concerns. I actually gave him a gift certificate for a full consultation with Dr Andrea for Christmas and he was very grateful for the opportunity to meet with her. She shared some valuable information with him that supported him in making these changes slowly, a bit a time. He feels much better after implementing some of her advice and, not so surprising, so do I. Thank Dr A, for being a gift to my son and for keeping me on the Mother of the Year list with him.”
– J.A., Santa Barbara

“Andrea has the great gift of being able to see into both worlds, the science of the West and the Wisdom of the East. This rare combination of gifts enables her to be an important agent of transformation and great promoter of health and well being. She is an excellent example of a truly holistic physician.”
- Paul Dugliss, M.D. of New World Ayurveda

The Center for Sustainable Medicine:

Medical Director: Andrea J. Seiffertt, D.O.

Board Certified in Internal Medicine and a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. Studied Environmental Science at The College of William and Mary, class of 2000. Graduated KCUMB-COM 2005, and finished IM residency UTMB-Galveston 2008. Completed New World Ayurveda’s practitioner course in June 2011 and will complete the Ayurvedic Counseling course in December 2011. Worked as an admitting physician at SYVCH and in a private practice until May 2011, at which time she decided to devote her practice of medicine to connecting people back to themselves and our planet to achieve true health.

Disclaimer: The ideas presented on this page and in community classes represent information intended to be helpful to the general population. This page cannot be a substitute for medical advice for individual patients, and as such this information in and of itself cannot prevent, cure, or treat disease. Please see me for an appointment, or your primary health care practitioner, for individual health care concerns.

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