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Meditation Music for Enlightenment
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Address Oakland, CA, USA

Kip Mazuy is the creator of Bliss Music, Meditation Music with a unique "Kundalini Shakti" sound technology proven to awaken you into deep states of meditation and bliss.  You can listen to free samples by visiting the  CD for Spiritual Awakening website. 

It has been known for centuries that the most effective way to attain spiritual enlightenment was to receive Shakti.  Shakti is the energy vibration of unconditional peace that radiates from a fully enlightened master.  People sitting with such an enlightened teacher may experience the Shakti as a feeling of unconditional bliss, peace, love, a pleasurable movement of energy or as silence.   Just by sitting with the master, you receive this Shakti and deep meditation simply happens naturally for you.

These Spiritual Awakening CDs transmit Shakti through music.  So simply by listening to the music, you receive Shakti and naturally awaken into deep states of meditation and bliss.

This meditation music is not only for those seeking enlightenment and spiritual awakening but also great for those simply looking to deepen their experience of peace. 

You can also browse tons of free articles, audio clips and videos on meditation and spiritual enlightenment by visiting The Spiritual Enlightenment Website
Feel free to sign up for the free weekly teaching and to be notified of up coming free Shakti empowerment sessions by phone.

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