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Your Gate to Transformative Arts

Transformative Arts Woodbridge

The Transformative Arts section is a catch all for anything relating to transforming, changing, growing, evolving, whether it is your Self, your relationships, your community, and ultimately, the planet. The Transformative Arts are breakthrough processes, activities and workshops are like personal alchemy. Here you have a collection of enlightening articles; a list of current, local classes/workshops/events available; as well as a list of local professional practitioners that can guide you in transforming your life.

Featured Professional
In Massage therapists
Rose Kahn B.S., C.M.T.P.T. - Santa Fe Myotherapy
Rose Kahn C.M.T.P.T./E.X.T. is a Master Myotherapist and Exercise Therapist. Myotherapy is a non-invasive, Read More

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