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Kelly Patterson

Member since 3/22/2011 1:14:00 PM

My Blog

This “story” is MY story. Therefore, I will be sharing portions of what I have learned about myself, others, and well, EVERYTHING
Introducing Awakening 360 and all our new features!
Trying to explain a Tantra puja party to is like trying to explain Burning Man to your Grandmother, from West Virgina.
Playing with your “spirdar” (Scientific Experiment #9867)
How to Get Fired from Corporate America (Without Committing a Crime!) It is not as easy as one would assume…
The Effects of Pot in Metaphor (Or Mi Casa es Su Casa)
Kelly’s CouchSurf Montage: This Could Happen to You!
Mayan Sweat Lodge snapshots, as told through MY thoughts during the ceremony--Nosara, Costa Rica
When I heard there was a Green Funeral Fair being held in “Berzerkely”, CA; I just had to check it out for myself...
According to the Journal of Neuroscience, Marijuana may help people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Ayurveda for intro to this 6,000 year old holistic, integrated health care system.
What to Do When You Only Have 365 Days to Live; A Monthly Planner
How to identify your "inner voice" in simple plain English--not "hippie-speak" or therapist jargon.
This exercise stimulates the imagination as well as serves as a blue-print and direction in all your aspects of life
This is a journalistic update on the escalating nation-wide support for the medical marijuana movement.
As part of a series on superfoods for mind, body and spirit--this one is all about Seaweed.
As part of a series on superfoods for mind, body and spirit--this one is all about Spinach.

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