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Kate Janke

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We ask our students to pay attention all the time but have we given them the steps to do so? Mindfulness practice gives students a concrete set of tools and life skills to help them do just that. We want our kids to be actively learning about themselves and the world around them. In the classroom it might mean paying attention to what is being taught. It may also mean paying attention to better understand habits of distraction or disinterest.Often students are stunted in their ability to learn or recall information due to emotional, social, and environmental stresses. Mindfulness practice provides the means to help navigate the challenges they encounter, helping them feel more empowered in the face of difficult emotions, low self esteem, and peer pressures. Mindfulness is not a cure-all to life's difficulty's but can be a foundation to help cultivate inner resilience and wisdom. At Heart-Mind, we believe that the education experience is enriched by cultivating   self-awareness, compassion,mental clarity, and emotional intelligence Therefore, through mindfulness education training, we work to empower educators, students, parents, and counselors with tools that support these qualities, in and out of the classroom.    Contact us today for a free consultation for your school or organization!

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