TJ Woodward - Awakening Coach, Spiritual Counselor

TJ Woodward - Awakening Coach, Spiritual Counselor

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  DESCRIPTION TJ works with individuals, couples, and in group settings, equipping people with the internal resources to lead their lives intuitively, strategically, and intentionally. With over 25 years experience in the fields of human potential and addiction recovery, TJ brings a unique mix of skills and insights to his counseling sessions, coaching practice, lectures and workshops.  ABOUT "My clients want more meaning from their lives. Usually they come in for a complimentary consult because they feel stuck and unsure about their next step forward. Maybe they are suffering from depression, anxiety, frustration, or a feeling of being lost and dissatisfied. Perhaps they are working toward healing old wounds associated with past trauma or abusive relationships. Some are actively struggling with addictive and compulsive behaviors. Sometimes my clients simply want to find deeper meaning in their day to day lives, or “get back on track” with living a more purpose driven life." - TJ Woodward   Whatever your motivation, counseling with TJ will help you:  Discover your authentic voice Dismantle old self-sabotaging beliefs Transform your relationships Reverse negative habitual patterns Clarify your life purpose Let go of the narratives that keep you feeling stuck Harness the power of your intentions Access the skills needed to uncover your inner wisdom Bring energy, happiness, and inspiration into your life Embrace a life filled with joy, love and peace    YOU have the power to change your life. YOU have the ability to create a new existence for yourself. YOU can experience life the way you want to experience it.  TJ CAN HELP! BIOGRAPHY From 2008-2011 TJ served as Ministerial Associate of Unity San Francisco, delivering inspirational messages at Sunday services, creating and presenting relevant seminars and assisting in maintaining the spiritual integrity of the community. In 2010, TJ graduated from the Spiritual Development Program and in 2011, graduated from the Leadership Development Program, both at Unity Institute. In 2009, the results of his work earned him a prestigious position at a top-tier, high-end addiction treatment center, where he served as a counselor and Spiritual Director until 2011. From the get-go, he got rave reviews. Clients who reluctantly came to treatment for short-term programs where excited about working on themselves and wanted more of TJ's unique approach in assisting them to live inspired lives and make a positive difference in the world. In 2012, he received his Interfaith Ministry ordination and formed Awakened Living, a 21st century movement for people who consider themselves spiritual explorers and have a deep hunger for personal and global transformation. ‚ÄčToday, TJ is the minister and spiritual director of Awakened Living, is in private practice as a spiritual counselor and awakening coach, and also serves as the spiritual care counselor and group facilitator in an intensive outpatient treatment program in San Francisco.  In addition, he is the host of the Awakened Living TV show and is also authoring his first book, titled Awakened Living, which will be released nationwide in ealry 2015.

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