Payton Tontz, MFT, PhD

Payton Tontz, MFT, PhD

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My work as a therapist and counselor is based on an integral understanding of human psychology. This model includes the most cutting edge research on neurobiology and attachment theory as well as the wisdom found in the ancient teachings of India on nondual psychology. As the name of my business indicates, my work integrates key principles from both the East and West about how the human psyche is developed from childhood, and how we can work to transform and heal ourselves as adults to live more free, connected, and creative lives. What does this look like? A big focus in my work with people is deep listening and holding a compassionate and gentle space for people to feel safe sharing vulnerable truths about their inner world. At the same time, I work in quite a creative and dynamic mode with clients to guide processes of exploration and discovery through dialogue, somatic inquiry, or guided meditation. I'm also big on teaching clients practices and tools that can be used in your daily lives to help support your movement to new ways of approaching day to day experiences of relating to yourself, to others, and to the world at large. Another focus of my work theoretically and in practice is tuning in to a person's process of individuation. To individuate is to become undivided and whole as individual human being who is living in an interconnected relational web in the world and ultimately cosmos. I believe that individuation is the goal of human growth and development and therefore it is a basic principle that informs the psychological landscape that I hold with my clients. I welcome you to consider doing an intake session or phone consultation to see if I might be a good fit to work with you or someone you know. Kind Regards, Payton Tontz, PhD

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