Marty L. Cooper, MFT #42185

Marty L. Cooper, MFT #42185

About the practice

Focusing on depression and anxiety, my psychotherapy work is about helping people learn (and practice) the management of these "wild moods," in order to ultimately uproot them and arrive at not just a symptom-free life, but a deep and rich existence.   To do this, we will engage the challenges of: --Mindfulness:  Developing a practice of mindful self-reflection  --Acceptance:  Seeing where the fight with reality is happening, and developing enough safety to risk not struggling with what's real --Mapping:  Clarifying and mapping the topography of depression/anxiety (it's not just a formless mush) --Choices:  Examining the structure of one's life choices to see what's increasing or decreasing depression and anxiety  --Action:  Planning and practicing (we learn through repetition) new ways of thinking and doing to diminish depression and anxiety, and increase happiness The experience of the wild moods for most of us means a running battle to keep from relapse, but this fight (although thoroughly understandable) is essentially what keeps us in a state of "chronic unhappiness."  So though we will look at the whole network of your life (from exercise, to relationships, to medications), my goal is to deeply support you in the work of letting go of that core struggle, and clearing space to build a life that is characterized by stability, joy, joyful engagement (and even conflict), and contentment. (Please see my website, above, for a fuller explanation of how I work, and you can click on the "articles" tab to read through dozens of articles on these Wild Moods.)

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