Meghan Lewis, PhD

Meghan Lewis, PhD

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Dr. Meghan Lewis brings over fifteen years of experience providing unconditional support to women and families exploring a range of preconception, pregnancy and postpartum issues. She holds a PhD from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology with specializations in both pre and perinatal psychology and somatic (body-mind) wellness. She received a BA in psychology from the University of Michigan with a minor in fine arts and continued her research in art therapy at UC Berkeley.  While an apprentice midwife and birth doula, her understanding of the psychology of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum life deepened as it did through her own experience of becoming a mother. When working with women during this time of so many meaningful transitions, Meghan utilizes integrative psychotherapeutic approaches including relational psychotherapy, expressive arts, mindful embodiment, dreamwork, transpersonal exploration, and cognitive behavioral therapy.  Meghan's professional experience also includes a postdoctoral clinical internship at the Women's Therapy Center (El Cerrito, CA), working as a preconception consultant at Maia Midwifery & Preconception Services (Berkeley, CA) and At Home Fertility Services (San Francisco, CA), as a reproductive health specialist at Planned Parenthood (Concord, CA), and as a prenatal and postpartum support group facilitator at Blossom Birth Services (Palo Alto, CA) and at the Tulip Grove (Oakland, CA). Additionally, she teaches a childbirth preparation class for solo-parents-to-be and is on the Board of Directors of BirthWays (Berkeley, CA).  Meghan's Approach With warmth, humor, and a strong belief in our ability to change, Meghan strives to create a welcoming, supportive space in which to explore who you are becoming. Her approach is collaborative, interactive, and sincere with a focus on mindful embodiment, creativity and connection. In Meghan’s private practice, she see clients who are exploring questions of motivation, authenticity, spirituality, and choice, who are also transforming fears, anxiety, depression and addictions, healing from past and recent losses, as well as from physical and emotional trauma. She brings respectful sensitivity to people from a diverse range of backgrounds, identities, and orientations in terms of economic resources, ancestral and cultural heritage, age, ability, gender expression, relationship preference, religious affiliations and spiritual perspectives.   Participating in therapy may bring balance by Creating and maintaining a fulfilling family, work, social, and spiritual life Experiencing more emotional freedom and spontaneity Increasing physical vitality and improve general health Transforming limiting perceptions and beliefs about self and others Decreasing stress and relieving suffering Improving personal relationships Resolving recurrent issues Healing from loss and pain Support for Pregnant, New Moms & Queer Parents Additionally, in her private practice, Meghan sees LGBTQ families, queer solo parents, single moms by choice, and those with other diverse family constellations including open and multiple-parent families. Exploring donor and adoption options, grieving the loss of fertility, of a pregnancy, of an image of a hoped-for-family, as well as healing birth injury and trauma are experiences she sees frequently in her practice.  Meghan offers sessions for individuals and couples as well as educational and support groups for pregnant, new moms, and queer parents.

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