Lisa Cain, Phd of MarketingU

Lisa Cain, Phd of MarketingU

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I have been passionate about marketing since I started taking MBA level marketing classes in the early 90s.    I went on to earn a Master’s of Marketing and a PhD in marketing (both from the Wharton School of Business).       I brought my passion to both the classroom and the world of small businesses beginning in the late 90s. As the owner of a small business myself, I’ve had to learn a wide range of techniques, like you, to be more effective in my marketing.  This includes using the Internet including Google Adwords, CraigsList, and Social Media Marketing, but it also includes, referral marketing & networking from leaders like BNI (Business Network International).     All of these techniques are more effective if you have a strategy in mind that you are pursuing instead of trying out the flavor of the month. is based on the idea that small business owners can learn about marketing strategy and tactics and execute these efforts to grow their business with just a little extra help and nudge to get them to their goals faster and more effectively. I invite you to Learn it. Do it. Profit!   Email or call to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.  

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