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Patty Stebbins, MA - Evolutionary Astrologer

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Patty Stebbins, MA, has been practicing evolutionary astrology and counseling individuals for over 10 years, bringing deep, intuitive insight, humor and practical wisdom to her study of the planets. Her unique approach to astrology orients individuals to their soul's deepest potential, offering practical guidance for how to navigate the obstacles that challenge individuals in achieving a joyful, fulfilling life. She received certification through Steven Forrest's astrological apprenticeship program and is a trained counselor specializing in relational and group work. She is available for individual, couples, or family/group astrological reading and counseling sessions in person or by phone. Most people come to me looking for predictions about love and career— but that’s not what evolutionary astrology is about. It’s about connecting people with their deepest potential – the evolutionary imperative that exists for their unique Self outside of time and circumstance. Your soul doesn’t necessarily care how much money you make, or even how many mouths you’ve fed. Your soul is interested in bringing into your sphere those people and situations that will allow you to become a more whole YOU. 
                  -Patty Stebbins, Evolutionary Astrologer Contact Patty by email today to schedule your astrology reading! Testimonials For a long while now the Western imagination has been narrowed by a mechanistic worldview that seeks to literalize and materialize whatever it tries to absorb. Astrologers who fall into the trap of oversimplified causal explanation have been made to look either foolish or superstitious by critics ignorant of the astrological roots of their own disciplines. By contrast, the deeply intuitive work of Patty Morris not only restores astrology to its essence as a wisdom tradition rich in vibrant cosmic metaphors, it updates those metaphors by grounding them in the complex dynamics of lived experience unfolding in time. Patty is easily the most insightful psychological astrologer known to me.-Craig Chalquist, PhD, author of Storied Lives: Discovering and Deepening Your Personal Myth.  I have had several readings with Patty and each time I have emerged completely giddy, inspired and transformed. Her compassion, humor and unique approach to astrology is atypical, steering away from the more mainstream “predictive” techniques. Rather Patty connects with people on a soul level, contacting us to our deepest potentials, tracking what challenges might be getting in the way and then illuminating how we can evolve towards our Truest Selves.  In other words, being with Patty is like a homecoming. Prepare to be blown away!-Linda Mastrangelo, MA, Dream Consultant I have had a few readings from Patty. My experience has been that they are quite conversational. She clearly has specific items within my chart (both natal and current transits) that she wants to cover, but it really is more of a dialog. We talk about an aspect of my chart, I talk about experiences I have had/am having and Patty discusses the astrological aspects that are contributing to the situation. I tend to leave readings with Patty not only feeling validated, but also empowered. Rather than feeling at the affect of the stars, I walk away knowing the types of energies at play and how best to navigate them given how the planets are aligning. Patty is a powerful seer who can help you untangle the elements at play and better understand your self and your path. Can't recommend her enough.-K.G., San Bruno CA  Patty is compassionate and intuitive and uses astrology as a framework to deepen her understanding of the human soul. Working with Patty is a joy and I learned so much about myself through my session with her.-V.T., San Francisco, CA My relationship to Astrology had always been more playfully curious  never extending beyond a quick skim of my horoscope in a newspaper or magazine.  However, my first chart reading with Patty profoundly  changed my experience of myself in relationship to the stars.  Patty  provided compassionate and profoundly meaningful insights into my  psyche through her intuitive interpretations and extensive knowledge  of astrology.  Her wise, philosophical and holistic approach helped  guide me to gently and safely deepen my sense of my self in the  context of my past and current relationships, and my life's purpose.  Thanks to Patty, I now understand how Astrology can be a powerful  tool for personal growth and self-actualization. I can't wait to book  my next reading! -R.A. Berkeley, CA When Patty said, "I don't necessarily believe in God but I think it's a useful construct." I knew she was the astrologer for me. Patty's reading gave me a big picture understanding of my life in very practical terms. Her insights revealed parts of my personality that are so ingrained it's hard for me to see. She offered new ways for me to deal with myself- Phew!  -S.C., Oakland, CA

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