Jane Lazar, SEP

Jane Lazar, SEP

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As a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner and Zen Priest, I’m devoted to helping you increase your ability to meet life's situations with calm and compassionate presence.  If accumulated stress or trauma has left your body’s physiology in a habitual or easily triggered state of fight, flight, or freeze, you might experience anxiety, depression, pain, constriction, chronic irritation, digestive disturbances, or other symptoms.   The SE process teaches you skills to help settle your nervous system. These skills can be applied immediately to everyday life.  With greater capacity to settle, it’s possible to touch into the more difficult experiences little by little, metabolizing and completing experience from incomplete fight, flight and freeze states,  resulting in a greater sense of ease, agency, and joy. Quotes from clients:  “After just three sessions, I feel this work is miraculous.  I think I know what’s going on, but when I go into the body I find things I’ve forgotten or repressed.  SE has helped me go deeper than my normal consciousness.  I now feel more embodied in my sitting practice, and some deep pain that I’ve had about earlier events has eased.” - Reirin Gumbel, Head Cook, Green Gulch Farm Zen Center “For many years I have had ulcerative colitis.  In stressful times I experienced pain and burning in my stomach, constipation or diarrhea, irritation and fear.  SE sessions taught me skills so that now when stress enters my life, I am able to feel it in my body and discharge it.  I no longer experience any symptoms.“- Immanuel Eimer, Chaplain 

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