Alicia Dattner: Laughter & Humor Open Your Heart!

Alicia Dattner: Laughter & Humor Open Your Heart!

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Who's the best coach in the world for you? WELL YOU ARE, of course. But you can't coach yourself, because of all those blind spots. That's the whole reason you engage with a coach... to help you see and transcend your blind spots. But what if you could coach yourself? You know yourself better than anyone one the planet. And you know how helpful you can be with others when they're having challenges. If only you could help yourself with all that great insight you seem to come up with for other people.... Well, you can. I've developed a technique in which I assist you to tap into your own deepest wisdom and to allow yourself to hear this wisdom and integrate it into your life powerfully. I've had amazing results in just a few short sessions. Clients are able to access great clarity, truth, and peace with very little effort and very high accuracy. If you long to hear exactly what your soul wants you to hear, right now... and you're ready to bring its wisdom into your consciousness, this work is for you. How does it work? I use a combination of Jungian sub-personality work, family constellation work, Diamond Heart-inspired essence work, and shamanic ritual to call in the "Higher Self" and guided you to your own wisdom and answers. The work holds a sacred space for all of your different "parts" or "characters" to show themselves, and for your "inner coach" and your Higher Self to allow your own answers to come directly through you. I scribe what your Higher Self has to say and you then have a record to bring home with you, as the trance state clients go into can be very deep and it's sometimes difficult to remember all the gems that are unearthed. We then re-integrate this wisdom and allow each of your parts to work for your highest good. It's a very playful and powerful process which can be used during some sessions as we coach together or as the main basis of what we do together.  If you're interested in a Guided Answers Process session or package, please contact me to book a session here.

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