Christopher Delovage, Certified Reiki and QT

Christopher Delovage, Certified Reiki and QT

About the practice

I integrate yin and yang style Quantum Touch with traditional Reiki and my own techniques. In this way I can offer you an intuitive and condition-specific energy work session. I specialize in working with the emotional and energy bodies. Energy work helps to nourish, support, and transform you so that healing and growth again become possible. Yin style Quantum Touch, known as Core Transformation, uniquely melts the blocks and rigid structures that prevent healing and growth in life. When these rigid structures no longer hold past conditions of dis-ease and suffering, the natural intelligence of the body can align with its picture of perfect health in the moment. Yang style Quantum Touch holds a part of you in a high frequency vibration until that part raises its vibration to match. With a higher frequency, the body can then have the resources it needs to heal. Usui Reiki Ryoho returns Reiki to ways it was practiced before coming to the West. Primarily a full spiritual path, Reiki brings the cosmic, earthly, connecting, and light energies for spiritual growth as well as healing. As energy work, Reiki nourishes, holds, and calms the body. It is relaxing and refreshing. I also offer aromatherapy and healing music with healing sessions. I have been vegan for over 12 years and worked at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center with Gabriel Cousens. I can provide lifestyle coaching to make transition to these healthy and responsible habits easy and fun. Topics include sprouting, fermenting, meal planning and preparation, shopping, and desserts. I am a student of Counseling Psychology at CIIS. I bring compassion, empathy, and clear communication to my work. Choosing me for your energy work will also help support my education.

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