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Diane Waye

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Diane Waye is a specialist in Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening, and has been a trainer and healer in San Francisco for 20+ years.  She is a continuing education provider for the American Council on Exercise, as well as a teacher of Yoga & Pilates. (ACE certified, RYT, etc.)  AIS+S is a form of myofascial therapy that creates neuromuscular re-programming, range of motion, and tissue elasticity. Plus, it feels good! AIS+S is an ideal complimentary therapy to yoga, chiropractic, and massage; it enhances success of these therapies. Diane Waye has over 12,000 hours of clinical experience in AIS+S. She also has over 2000 hours of training in Anusara Yoga (including a year-long teacher training intensive). Active Isolated Stretching is ideal for: Athletes: AIS + S is ideal for athletes who want to run faster, jump higher, be stronger, or play better.  Athletes understand the importance of optimal range of motion, elastic tissues, strengthened muscles, and proper alignment. People in pain: A.I.S.+S. often succeeds even where other therapies have not. A.I.S.+S. restores function, thereby relieving the actual root cause of the pain. A.I.S.+S. is based in the principles of how the body really works. It’s very scientific. It’s soft tissue therapy at its best. Everybody else: Even if you don’t identify as an athlete or have physical pain you are ready to move beyond, please go ahead and call to reserve your complementary treatment! Why? A.I.S.+S. defies description: A.I.S.+S. needs to be experienced to be understood. Leonardo DaVinci said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”; A.I.S.+S. is simple yet profound.   “Diane Waye is one of California’s outstanding Active Isolated Stretching therapists….the San Francisco based trainer/therapist has thousands of hours experience training and rehabilitating serious athletes….Diane’s ability to create maximum flexibility and strength for weak, trauma affected and imbalanced joints due to injury, surgery, muscle disease, over-training or age factors is unparalleled in results….skilled at teaching home programs….I highly endorse Diane Waye for the rapid results you desire.”  -Aaron Mattes, MS, R.K.T, L.M.T, Creator of Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening  

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