Elements of Being Chiropractic Center

Elements of Being Chiropractic Center

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Located in the Rockridge/Claremont district of Oakland, we are a Chiropractic center offering gentle and vitalistic care for your family.     Whether you are experiencing specific health concerns, chronic pain, stress and tension, or seeking true prevention and wellbeing, Chiropractic care is a whole-person option that supports the healing power within via facilitating optimal nervous system function through gentle adjustments to the spine and body.Our nervous system is in charge of all other systems in the body from digestion, respiration, immune function, circulation and reproduction.Our nervous system is likewise responsible for sending messages to and from the brain and body to facilitate healing. If the nervous system has any interference in its ability to communicate, ill-health and dis-ease can occur.Physical, chemical and emotional stresses create tension in the body and spine and can interfere with nervous system function. This tension is what Chiropractic care addresses, allowing the nervous system to function at a more optimal level. Bio Geometric Integration (BGI) is a holistic and vitalistic approach to Chiropractic that views the body as an entire system. By understanding the innate geometry of the body, A Chiropractor who uses the concepts of BGI is able to more effectively and gently release subluxation patterns in the body.Dr. Kacie has been studying BGI since 2006 and is honored and inspired to be practicing Chiropractic through these concepts.BGI is a chiropractic approach based on the geometry of the human body. We apply the scientific understanding of quantum physics to health and healing. Knowing that the body is made of an intricate web of physical and energetic connections, allows us to address the person in a truly holistic approach. Combining this understanding with the use of light touches and gentle structural adjustments, the body is guided to release tension patterns. Just as tension patterns in your system accumulate bit by bit, so, too, will receiving regular chiropractic adjustments gradually and progressively release that stored tension. With each adjustment your system becomes better able to adapt, self-correct and heal.Releasing old patterns from the body facilitates your ability to be present to what is happening now, the input that is currently being presented to us in the form of physical, chemical, emotional and mental stimuli, rather than reacting based on patterns related to past events. Getting adjusted facilitates your body’s ease and flow and thus your progression toward health and wellness. We specialize in care during pregnancy, ensuring that mom's nervous system is free to send messages throughout her body and to her uterus. Likewise, balancing the pelvis and uterine ligaments during pregnancy allows for space and freedom for the developing baby to move and grow during its time in mom's body.We also specialize in care for babies and kids. Many times the birth process itself can create tension on the baby's delicate body and nervous system. Gentle and specific adjustments allow for a strong and healthy foundation of growth, health, and development from the very beginning.  Kids can experience all kinds of childhood challenges from colic, ear infections, digestive issues, as well as learning and behavior challenges. Children who receive regular Chiropractic care are generally more healthy and vibrant, and tend to have less chronic health challenges. Without nervous system interference, our bodies can heal themselves!We know that true health and vibrancy comes from within, and we are here to help you and your family live life to the fullest potential! 

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