Michael Brabant

Michael Brabant

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The healing modality I have composed and practice is called Integral Awakening Coaching. It is based off the mind, body, spirit, shadow approach to wellness as informed by Ken Wilber's Integral Theory. The model empowers people to create a comprehensive life practice that includes all four components of wellness from mind (cognition, ex. reading, awareness practices), body (ex. yoga, cardio, strength training), spirit (ex. meditation, communing with nature, mindful parenting), and shadow (ex. psychological inquiry, journaling). This practice is completely customized to each individual that I see so that it is intentionally created to support the individual to address any degree of healing, a sense of wellness, and aspirations to self-actualize to one's fullest potential. The comprehensive practice scaffolds an individual to then dive deeper into psychological inquiry to reveal, transcend and include the barriers to healing and growth. I operate from the paradigm of Reorganizational Healing.

Most western medicine consists of Restorative Healing that focuses on eliminating symptoms that are present to bring people back to their baseline before the symptoms occurred. Reorganizational healing supports people in addressing psychological, physical, and/or spiritual symptoms as well as moving towards a more complex, resilient, and whole version of oneself where the current symptoms one is experiencing resolve on their own. Instead of moving against what you don't want, I will help you move towards what you do want and the healing, wellness, and personal transformation will occur as a natural byproduct of this process. My Western training is in Clinical Psychology and I hold an MA from JFK and am currently in the final year of my doctoral work in Clinical Psychology. I also hold a Masters Level certificate from JFK in Integral Theory. My non-traditional training includes being a registered yoga teacher, a yoga therapist, and Reiki teacher. I currently see private coaching clients and offer workshops in Oakland.

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