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The Career Wisdom Institute is revolutionizing career clarity, job satisfaction and employment resilience by teaching people how to slow down, do less and—in the process—achieve more. Understanding and implementing your Career Design will keep you working and abundant in any economic circumstance. When who you are on the inside is aligned with the actions you take on the outside, career satisfaction, wealth and success are the natural result.   Our Philosophy: How Are We Different from Other Career Counseling Models? We believe that traditional career planning is backwards. Choosing work solely based on income projections or industry trends is a recipe for stress, depression and dis-ease. Personality tests and other self-assessment tools reflect back your habituated thought patterns about work—providing results based on the same belief systems that led you to achieve the level of career dissatisfaction that brought you to counseling in the first place. When you uncover your negative habituated thought patterns, you can begin to make career decisions from choice—not habit—and that is powerful. We want you to STOP DOING THINGS. If you are searching for a new job, you are most likely in a very reactive mode, scanning job search boards, sending out dozens of resumes, spending too much time and energy being busy and accomplishing nothing. With Career Wisdom, you learn how to calm down, do less and achieve more. We believe that if you dread your work, you are out of sync with your unique personal design. Your Career Design is the thing you do that you can’t help but do. It is what you were born to do. When you pursue a career that uses your unique gifts, you will experience greater satisfaction and success. We believe that there is no such thing as “work-life balance.” The very idea that work and life have to be manipulated into balance presupposes that the nature of work is stressful and draining. Most people believe they cannot make money and love what they do and yet, it is exactly the people who love what they do that find themselves abundant beyond belief. By rediscovering your Career Wisdom and uncovering the thought patterns that have held you back, you are empowered to choose work that energizes you. Your work is, in the best possible sense, your life.

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