The Vestibule Center for Sound Living

The Vestibule Center for Sound Living

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The Vestibule Center for Sound Living | Sound-based strategies for a stress-free life The Vestibule Center for Sound Living offers sound-based therapies and practices to free people from the noise, stress, and pressure of their busy lives. Skillfully applied, sound, music, and vibration can restore inner harmony and activate the innate healing response of the body. The modalities we use unite the wisdom of the ancients with today’s scientific understanding and technology to bring our clients back to the still sound center within. At The Vestibule, we stand for Sound Health, Sound Mind, Sound Being, and Sound Business. We offer packages, programs, events and personal wellness services for individuals, small groups, and populations with specific health challenges (ADD/ADHD, auto-immune diseases, cancer, chronic illness, depression, and PTSD, to name a few). We also provide programs for corporations committed to the wellbeing and productivity of their employees.  Our healing packages and teaching programs provide a safe, fast, fun, effective, and lasting remedy to stress, disharmony, and disease, allowing people to live, work, and play with greater energy, focus, productivity, and ease.  Services include: Acutonics® tuning fork treatments Shamanic healing - soul retrieval, entity removal, past life work Couples Attunement sessions Classes and workshops Working with sound is a safe, fast, effective and pleasurable way to bring our whole being into resonance. Doing so activates the innate healing wisdom of the body. We become our own natural healer. Life itself is attracted by our internal resonance and we find ourselves moving through it with more ease, power and grace. About Valerie Carpenter, Founder Valerie holds certifications in Sound Healing from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), the Kairos School of Sound Healing, Integrated Listening Systems (iLs), and the Vox Mundi School of the Voice, in addition to enjoying a distinguished career as a professional writer and actress. Drawing on a vast array of experience as a performing artist, workshop facilitator, and intrepid explorer of the inner realms, she offers a multi-modal sound healing approach that embraces the shamanic healing arts. She has developed effective protocols for stress relief, grounding and centering, spiritual emergence, and trauma recovery, and works with individuals, couples and groups. Valerie is co-author of Free Your Voice: Awaken to Life Through Singing, published by Sounds True.

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