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Hello!   My name is Polina Smith, I'm a holistic fitness trainer with a deep passion for using movement as way to bring a greater level of well-being, clarity, Self-Love and confidence into our lives. I love working with clients who want to make a profound shift in the area of fitness, movement and well-being. My Bio: Originally from Boston, Polina moved to San Francisco to begin circus training and expand her knowledge of holistic health and fitness. Having always held a deep love for movement and the body, Polina’s passion has led her to study various healing and training techniques, as well as continue her own development as an athlete and artist. Polina is a certified CHEK Exercise and Holistic Lifestyle Coach and draws on her background in circus arts, dance, competitive swimming, yoga, strength training and massage therapy to create fun and effective sessions for people looking to bring greater levels of health, vitality and joy into their lives. Polina holds a deep belief that your deepest self knows what forms of movement and foods work best for your body, and works with people to help uncover the answers that are already inside each of us.  She is an avid advocate of making changes that will last a lifetime, rather than quick fixes or fad diets. Having gone through her own journey with crash diets and binge cycles, Polina is passionate about helping people who feel stuck in a similar cycle to breakthrough once and for all. “Discovering exercise from a place of joy profoundly changed my life, and it is my passion to share this with others.” \x7ePolina   Testemonials: http://www.wholebodysf.com/testimonials/ I also host a weekly radio show in which I interview holistic health practicioners about their work:   http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wholebody-talk/id429136453 And offer weekly free, fun workout videos and healthy cooking shows at: http://www.mywholebody.us/   If you have any questions about your fitness or how to bring a greater level of energy and well-being into your life, than I would love to talk with you! In Health, Polina  

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