Deepika Sheleff - San Rafael Hakomi & Breathwork

Deepika Sheleff - San Rafael Hakomi & Breathwork

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Deepika Sheleff is a masterful healer and coach with a unique and rich set of tools and skills. She’s not your typical “just-break-through-this” coach or “let’s-talk-about-your-mom-for-7-months” therapist. Instead, through working with the body, Deepika helps create results that are more immediate, more tangible and more sustainable than what most people think is possible. In almost 15 years as an international trainer and coach, she has changed the lives of hundreds of people, helping them find greater wholeness, happiness and freedom in all areas of their lives – money, relationships and health. Her unique approach is not airy-fairy, but refreshingly honest, direct and grounded. Working through the body is shortcut to the core, to the essence of what’s really going on. There are few people who can see the root of your suffering and recognize your true brilliance in the same breath. Not many have the depth of life experience and creative skills to call forth the full range of who you really are, and help you create a life that is in true alignment with that. Deepika is one of those people, and her very presence is a transforming force. She has led workshops, trainings and tele-seminars all over the world, and has brought two different businesses to six-figure success. She combined her earlier life experience as a marketing consultant with her extensive training in personal development to create programs about emotional money issues. The "True Prosperity" programs unlock people's capacity for abundance and financial success by teaching them to be authentic, empowered and creative with money. In addition, Deepika is a Bioenergetic Pulsation Trainer, a Certified Hakomi practitioner and the author of the upcoming book: "You are NOT for Sale! Essential Keys for Unshakeable Self Worth" She is the founder of the Deeper into Life Academy, an organization developing a range of programs helping people live a fully expressed, joyful life. Get a complimentary consultation with Deepika! >"Deepika has the intuitive ability to quickly get to the core of what is real and true within me and to help me arrive in that place. Her playful curiosity, enthusiasm, sense of adventure and humor that she brings to her work are highly contagious, which helps immensely when I felt stuck and confused. She also has amazing creativity in devising spontaneous strategies for transformation. But what I love the most about Deepika, and what has enabled me to dive deeper into the discovery of who I am, is who SHE is. She is one of the most nurturing, accepting, kind, sensitive, respectful, genuine and unconditionally loving people it has ever been my privilege to know. She is a trusted partner on my journey and I can not recommend her highly enough."Michelle S. California

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