The Intimacy Forum: Embodied Relationship Coaching

The Intimacy Forum: Embodied Relationship Coaching

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The Intimacy Forum is dedicated to teaching you the language of creating extraordinary relationships that impact the world in a loving and effective way. A collaboration of facilitators and artists around affection and connection that have come together bringing a unique synthesis of full sensory and full body learning around intimacy, connection and affection. Our Mission and Core ValuesThe core values of the Intimacy Forum are: *Autonomy & Freedom: Through honoring others and your own pacing & boundaries.*Compassion and Empathy: Focusing on the harmonic note between relating with others and relating with yourself. We believe as people meet in this understanding, here extraordinary relationship are born.*Growth and Understanding: Practicing a variety of compassionate communication styles: NVC, Co-counseling, and compassionate communication.*Contribution: Through teaching you to take your breakthroughs in intimacy and share it with the world around you to inspire others to do the same.*Community and Collaboration: Honoring the core values underneath each individuals strengths and challenges within community that creates bridges of empathy and understanding.*Empowerment & Support: We do this through a hyper-rich environment of empathy and understanding where everyone is heard, felt, and seen, which creates alchemy from break-down to break-through. Tahil Gesyuk is the Director and Course Facilitator of the Intimacy Forum. Over the last 20 years, through his unique methods of synthesizing core concepts from both ancient traditions and modern research, he has helped over 1,000 couples create and maintain healthy, intimate relationships. Relationship & Intimacy coaching and events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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