Eka Joti - Stress Management, Life Excellence

Eka Joti - Stress Management, Life Excellence

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"Eka incorporates theory and practice from several different traditions, both psychological and physical. I found the physical and energetic practices to be very helpful in approaching psychological sticky spots, and in this way, Eka has given me a whole new set of tools for approaching life."-Kayte, CTO of a Medical Device Startup "I'm not checked out, I'm not stressed out, I'm not anxious - I can actually show up and be present. My life is so much more abundant and joyful now." - Scott, Head of Production, Multinational Retail Store "Eka helped me take the leap and launch my own business in a way that aligns with my truths, and supports creative and financial sustainability." - - Kirthi, Media Producer, Cinemagical Media "When working with Eka I feel supported by how present he is as well as supported by his laser focused ability to cut straight to the heart of what is getting in the way of my potential. He offers this fantastic balance of uplifting humor, mindful intention and organized professionalism (online scheduling, an online library of your session notes and homework assignments)."- Marie, Licensed Acupuncturist, Business-Owner, Warrioress and Visionary  "I have a better job; I have healthier relationships, especially with my partner; and I am enjoying my creativity again (without the angst)." - Michele, Paralegal at a multinational communication company More tales of awesomeness here: http://leagueofawesomeness.com/testimonials/ _________ With 12 years of intensive training in the arts of stress management, life excellence and transformational leadership, Eka represents the new science of ancient wisdom that is holistic wellness and conscious professional success. In the last 4 years, Eka has worked with over a thousand coaches, healers, entrepreneurs, conscious capitalists, yogis, moms, teachers and artists to overcome personal blocks and step into their true power in a simple, practical and resounding way. Eka, aka SuperSpark, can be found lying in the sun, engaging in real-life Jedi training, co-opting other people's dogs at local parks, and enjoying the collective radiance of his amazing friends and family. When not doing these things, Eka coaches and trains individuals and companies to ignite their (Super)Hero’s Journey by: Rising above stress, drama and negativity Enhancing wellness and performance (conscious success behavior) Uncovering what is most important and learning how to consistently choose from that place Emboding leadership presence and action Enjoying career prosperity in line with peronal integrity To this end he started Empowered Journey in 2009, and created the League of Awesomeness community for the growing number of awakening real life superheroes. "I was dominated by other people’s emotions.  I often imagined others judging me and so I was self conscious. With Eka's coaching and training, I have transformed the villains of self doubt, anger, and frustration, into skillful emotional and mental tools (inner heroes) that I can use at will." - B Eka offers his services through the Hero's Training empowerment coaching, the East Bay SuperHero Bootcamp, the Hero's Home Program, regular articles and videos, and workshops both live and virtual. If you are looking for the personal and professional guidance of a big heart with courageous vision, inner fire and a playful approach, you've found him =)  "In my work with Eka, I've learned to cultivate the energy, awareness, and connection to source needed to tackle the stresses of my daily life." - K For the full story of Eka's serious illness, return to vibrant life and beyond, go to: http://leagueofawesomeness.com/about-eka/ Superhero Life Coaching and Wellness Training in Oakland, CA

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