Karim Bishay, MTS

Karim Bishay, MTS

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Here’s what I believe: That ultimately self-improvement for its own sake is futile, but adventuring into our own processes with curiosity, courage, and compassion will bring us to closer contact with ourselves and with the Divine. That any “problem”, no matter how seemingly impossible to bear or deal with, is actually an opportunity for greater self-knowledge and self-awareness. That reality and truth are infinitely good and loving.  And getting to the truth of who and what we are will only serve to liberate us. We as people can always grow closer to ourselves, more free, and more loving.  And at the same time we are perfect exactly where we are in this very moment. You as a client already carry within you all the necessary strength and wisdom in order to be fully liberated.  My job is to guide you to more fully and readily access that which you already possess. That no single counseling method is unequivocally superior all the time.  Most methods are useful and beneficial depending on the client and the specific issue at hand. This is how I work: I work as a guide, co-conspirator, co-adventurer, and friend who guides and follows you on your path to liberation and self-discovery. I use an interactive and integrative method of therapy combining the narrative, existential, re-evaluation, somatic, and inquiry methods among many others. I focus on relieving you from your inner critic, and helping you bring courage, compassion, and curiosity to your inner most processes in order to shed light on them and learn from them in a supportive, intelligent, and judgment free environment. I am here to support you! Counseling with me can include therapy, practical coaching, meditation, and whatever tools are at my disposal in order to bring you in better balance and alignment with your truth. Sessions are dynamic, fresh, and responsive.  We will take risks together and lovingly go for those places in you that are normally kept hidden or lay dormant.  Expose, explore, and metabolize them into a more integrated and whole you. This is what you can expect from working with me: Empowerment to identify and defend against your inner critic, and eventually more harmoniously metabolize that structure into a more healthy and balanced psyche. A deeper understanding of your inner world and processes, giving you the chance to be more aware and in choice around how you feel and act. To move closer to your inner truth and spiritual liberation potentially with every situation you face. Whatever your religious or spiritual practice, if your intention is to become more free, loving, and awake in the world I encourage you to book a free introduction session with me and see if this kind of work is supportive to you on your path.  

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