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Nathan Woogums - Integral Coach(TM)

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What do you want your life to be? Are you ready to unleash your future potential ASAP? You know some sort of potential is there for you, for the world, that you are aching to step into… …but you can’t yet see the light streaming through the cracks around the door that you need to walk through. You situation is both a problem, and an opportunity. You need someone who can help you realize who you are now, cherish and honor you so that you may be completely unleashed and fully enabled to become who you are destined to be. Fast. You need someone who can support you in challenging your comfort zones in a compassionate and capable manner. Support while you push through your own resistance, and also support and reassurance through the inevitable stumbles. Here is the secret, (one of them, at least): If you let yourself hang on and clamp down as hard as possible for just a short period of time you will soon become so tired that you will have no option but to relax more fully and profoundly than you ever have before. After you do this you can freely choose who you are now and who you will be stepping forward in to the rest of your life. This is the easiest and fastest way to go about effecting change in any aspect of your life. You will soon be doing things that seem superhuman (or impossible) to other people. These people are still stuck in their habitual patterns and expecting things to work out the way they are “supposed” to. You will become unbelievably powerful when you learn how to operate without limitation on what you expect is possible. What can happen through such a radical and freeing process? It is completely unpredictable. All that can be known is that it will be the most natural and personally supportive course of action possible for you. If you are ready for a coaching approach which holds a preference for simplicity, curiosity, and efficiency, I can provide keys to doors that you want to walk through. I am uniquely capable of seeing and honoring YOU for who you are and what you are capable of now. I can help you discover and develop your own resiliency and capacity to embrace and harness the conflict which inevitably accompanies any process of growth and change. My method is a synthesis of who I am and what I have learned, experienced, and realized is necessary to make available to those whom I help. I am a Certified-Embodied Integral Coach™ through integral coaching Canada. Integral Coaching™  provides the holding framework for my approach, and dramatically empowers everything else that I bring into and through this powerful method. My conscious inhabitation and development of my body is the other cornerstone.  Over time I have worked with increasingly cutting edge masters in the realms of combat, human performance, resiliency and performance. I know that in order to accomplish something you cannot simply do more of the same. You must do what is going to make you better. What needs to be done is not always obvious. Often it is necessary to take several half-steps backward into your foundational assumptions and constructions of who you are and how you do things. Changing something that is basically on the surface will do no more than slapping a fresh coat of paint on a rusty old car. Nothing really changes and that will become apparent very soon. By working with foundational assumptions and positions, a spontaneous self-reorganizing starts to occur. New capacities manifest as if by magic. It can be as simple as paying attention to how you hold your head and where you point your feet when you walk. By changing these simple things in a conscious way you are moving, acting and being in the world in a different way. My role as coach is to accompany you on your journey, enjoying the happy surprises with you and supporting you through the stumbles. I am a co-conspirator and a body-guard of sorts. I am watching your back and helping you decide which next steps are best for you. Establishing and maintaining the integrity of the coaching relationship is an essential aspect of creating a beneficial, desirable outcome. There must be rigor and discipline. While we are usually harder on ourselves than anyone else we are also less inclined to discipline ourselves for our own sake than we are to remain disciplined on behalf of or for the benefit of others. I discipline myself on your behalf so that you receive the appropriate, helpful accountability which you need. Did I mention yet that all of this is fun? It has to be. You are free to learn and change when you are in a playful state of mind and body. Everything that we do is done in a spirit of play, of finding exciting surprises that become essential aspects of who we are and indispensable capacities which enable us to do our work in the world. In addition to being a licensed professional Integral Coach™ my background and training includes: Tibetan White Crane Kung Fu – Grey Sash (2nd level instructor) under Grandmaster Vincent Chow (1985-2000) Black Arts Unarmed Combat (Black Belt 2nd Dan)  under Shihan Dan Baron (1998-2001) Aikido (Aikikai) under Kowahara Sensei – Technical Director for Aikikai Canada (2003-2007) Stott Pilates® Comprehensive Mat, Intensive Reformer, Injuries and Special Populations (2006-2007) QiDao (Culture of Harmonious Movement) with Lama Somananda Tantrapa (2011-2012) Certified Systema Instructor-in-Training under Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko. (2008-present) In order to attain mastery in any endeavor, you cannot simply do more of the same - you must do what is going to make you better, and you must be centered in your heart. "Integral Coaching Canada offers what we believe to be the most complete and the most comprehensive coaching program available.” – Ken Wilber author, A Theory of Everything    Integral Coach™ is a registered trade-mark in Canada owned by Integral Coaching Canada Inc. and licensed to Nathan Woogums.

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