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Lillian Kurosaka - Reiki, Healing

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Santa Barbara Reiki Master/Teacher, Biosynthesis Somatic Therapist/Trainer, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher - Lillian Kurosaka Invitation to Joy My Background: I am a Biosynthesis Somatic Therapist/Trainer with a diploma in Biosynthesis somatic and depth psychological education from the International Institute for Biosynthesis in Switzerland. I am also a graduate of the Metta Institute’s year-long End of Life Care Practitioner program, and am a certified Therapeutic Yoga teacher. I have studied Energy Medicine extensively with Gabriele Hoppe and Gabriel Stux and trained in Reiki through the master/teacher level and Healing Touch through the practitioner level. Reiki and Healing Touch are two types of hands on energy work recognized by the established medical profession, and used in hospitals. I have training in sound therapy, art therapy, movement therapy and other forms of energy work. I am also a massage therapist (a graduate of the SB Body Therapy Institute), a volunteer for Visiting Nurses and Hospice Care and the the No One Dies Alone Program in Santa Barbara. I teach workshops in healing modalities from an introductory course, “Energy Medicine 101” to “Energy Medicine: Reiki series.” I am a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the International Institute for Biosynthesis, and the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine. Energy Work: As an energetic healing practitioner, I help you rediscover areas in your body that remember your wholeness, joy, peace. Such a journey enables one to release areas of holding lovingly. The sessions are about one hour long, on a massage table fully clothed, and the work is noninvasive. My training in Biosynthesis somatic therapy incorporates many methods as access points for clients to self such as art, movement, sound, dialoguing, and journaling. I use these tools in addition to my experience as an energy/mind/body worker in my sessions and workshops to help individuals access their inner selves, and with these tools, I have witnessed amazing experiences because it creates a space that helps the receiver feel safe enough to let go. Experiences can range from a sense of well being at the end of a session to huge self revelations. Clients have told me that this work helps with the side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and other flu-like symptoms, as well as working through emotional/spiritual issues and crossroads in their lives. See testimonials below. Workshops: Please call 805-708-5164 for more information if you are interested in Reiki classes, energy medicine classes or workshops on self care and spirit/heart/body explorations. See testimonials below. Ceremonies: We can create together a ceremony to honor and mark beginnings, endings, and auspicious occasions. For example, I have had requests for ceremonies to mark farewells--the passing of beloveds (human and animals), loss of a home, a marriage, a childhood memory. Other requests include celebratory ceremonies for new homes, new relationships, new jobs, new life paths and birthdays. Any moment is sacred if it is meaningful to you. Distant Healing: I am also available for distant healing work and guided meditations/life path envisioning by phone (805-708-5164). For more information on distant healing: Body Work/Therapeutic Yoga: Are You Abusing Yourself? Check in with yourself for a moment. Do you feel rushed all day? Do you sacrifice meals, or sleep, on a regular basis? Do you drink too much coffee? Feel stressed? Body always hurts? Too many people demanding too much? Experiencing emotional upheaval but don't have time to be with it? Be kind to yourself. Take the time to unwind your body and mind. Release muscle tension and toxins, improve joint mobility and restore energy reserves with a massage or therapeutic yoga. The nervous system relaxes and circulation increases, which in turn enhances immune function. Sleep quality is improved and anxiety lessens. I incorporate a variety of energetic and body modalities to provide a therapeutic experience for your body, mind and spirit in a traditionally draped session or in a yoga session that combines all. I find that restorative yoga poses and energy work or energy work with massage is most effective for overall sense of well being. See testimonials below. Gift Certificates: Please call 805/708-5164 to request one. I customize the certificates for special occasions. Testimonials-Clients "My husband, Kim, was placed on hospice care and that is when we had the great good fortune to meet Lillian Kurosaka. Her peaceful demeanor and spiritual outlook was a wonderful match for Kim. He used to tell me that he didn't know how Reiki worked, but that he felt so peaceful and calm after the sessions. I have to admit that Kim was not always open to alternative treatment methods; but, he trusted Lillian and himself and opened up to whatever came. When a person is faced with a life-threatening illness, as Kim was, it is wonderful to have a competent, loving person willing to share their knowledge and expertise to help alleviate one's suffering. Lillian did this." --Juliette Omori "I am a psychotherapist and part of my work is to deal with issues of family crises, including the consequences of litigious divorce situations. I have always benefited from massage, and found Lillian several years ago. My seeking Lillian's talents far exceeded what I sought to accomplish. In addition to the physical relief gained from the massage, I found that Lillian's attunement to the energy quotient in my body, mind and spirit, provided an invaluable balance. Every time I have a session with her, I leave feeling powerful, serene and grounded. I have the opportunity to work with many talented professionals in all disciplines, and consider Lillian to be at the top of the list of valuable resources. She is a treasure, gifted in her art and a catalyst to healthy living." -- Kathleen W. Duval MA, MFT "From the time she came to visit me in the hospital in 2001 after radical surgery for cancer through subsequent years of healing and transformation, Lillian has been a powerful force of regeneration and restoration in my life. She knows a wide range of healing arts, from energy work and guided meditation to hands-on massage. Over the years, I have needed different types of help from her, and Lillian always instinctively knows what my body, mind and spirit require. As an amputee, the profound asymmetry of my body often requires physical intervention in order to restore balance and sooth overworked muscles. I am deeply grateful to Lillian for her gifted hands, fingers, elbows, forearms and voice, all of which bring me to center and wholeness." --Catherine Cole "As a dedicated and talented guide, Lillian has the ability to help open you to yourself with both love and wonder; what better gift can there be? I recommend her without reservation." --Elizabeth Alvarez Testimonials-Workshop Participants LILLIAN IS ONE OF THESE WONDERFUL, SENSITIVE, SPIRITUAL OLD SOULS FOR ME, WHO MAKES IT WORTH TRAVELING FROM EUROPE TO CALIFORNIA TO GET A REIKI DEGREE. COULD NOT FIND SOMEONE LIKE THIS IN GERMANY! I LOVE HER AND RECOMMEND HER FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! --STEFANIE S., GERMANY Lillian Kurosaka is a natural healer and teacher. She is sensitive, intuitive and full of wisdom.  Her knowledge and talents are immeasurable. I highly recommend her for both one on one exceptional healing and as an invaluable teacher.--Tonia Shimin, Professor Emerita, UCSB Department of Theater and Dance Lillian Kurosaka is a very good teacher and model for how a healer should tune into the divine energy & BE here on Earth too.  I have taken many of her classes – always and all ways a learning situation - and intend to take more…--Sharon A. Lezotte, MHE, MLIS, Director, Reeves Medical Library, Cottage Health System (CHS)  "Lillian is like a mirror..  When I look at her I can see and love myself.  She has a profound capacity to hold a safe and gentle space, which allows me to see through murky waters.  Lillian truly sees and hears with her heart." --nancy Chargualaf martin  Lillian Kurosaka’s healing sessions and workshops have been catalysts for major transformations in my life. I recommend her workshops to anyone who is seeking a deeper relationship with one’s self.  She empowers you and gives you the tools to make healing and balance part of your everyday. --Elisabeth Boles We are so fortunate to have Lillian in our midst.   She brings pure JOY into every situation---no matter how great or how intimate the challenge..  I marvel at her integrity, insightfulness, knowledge and giftedness.  She has deeply touched my heart and spirit. --L. King, Santa Barbara Lillian offers a melding of skill and spirit that inspires people to go deep and examine themselves honestly and openly. I have benefitted so much from her seminars, as a professional in a high-stress industry, as a mother of two school-aged children, as a woman entering her 50s, and as a writer. My creativity blossomed and my spirit was refreshed after her Heart Chambers workshop.--Julia Orlosky It was a great experience to take a look into the chambers of my heart. The pictures came immediately and helped me to understand the language of my heart. Thank you very much Lillian for guiding us.--Matthias (Germany, 50) -We are our own best healers. I invite you to add a session or a workshop as guidance to deeper insight into self. - Lillian Kurosaka

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