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About  Vedic-Remedies offers ancient solutions in today’s world regarding finding your purpose in life, relationships, health & career. Vedic (Jyotish) Astrology is the Science of Light where we can see the unfolding of the soul’s karma that starts with your complete chart reading. We then carefully prescribe practical methods to balance the influences of the planets including Sacred Gemstone Malas. Our novel approach and dedication to accuracy is our promise. The horoscope is a map of the heavens at the time and place of birth showing the position of the planets in relation to all aspects of your life. Vedic Astrology studies the combined influences of these planets as fields of energy that influence our lives. Hi Vishaka,I am so very grateful for the reading you gave me the daybefore Thanksgiving. You helped me tremendously on my journey of closing cycles and beginning new ones. I just arrived on the Arctic Circle and it's time to rest and integrate to make space for the new. Thank you so much again!- Anna, FinlandVishaka,I hope you are well. We met yesterday at the Sacred Space. Your reading of my birth chart provided me with a confidence I so needed. It is truly a blessing. Thank you sooo much!! I felt that your words were right on target. I would like to give my really good friends and family members a chance to have a reading with you. Do you offer birth chart consultations over the phone? And how much would it cost for me? Again, thanks so much!!Love,- Janet

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