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Sukey Fontelieu

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As in alchemy, psychotherapy is a sealed and secret container where the unloved parts of a person are deeply observed with care and compassion and the transformative heat of honesty is gradually applied.The alchemists never succeeded in making gold but they discovered it was spiritual gold that mattered. Because psychotherapy is confidential it creates an atmosphere where the spiritual gold of transformation can unfold. It's not always easy, but it does work for lots of people. I am a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist, I teach alchemy at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and I write about what makes psychotherapy work.But the central focus of my life work is to help people step into more of the potential that sleeps an uneasy sleep, deep in their souls. We all hit crises. You are not "bad" because of what has happened to you, it's what you're going to do about it that matters.By seeking therapy you've already thought, "I want to change." If you're still reading something in you knows now is your time. You actually are ready to let go of the old ways and experience a transformative process. Maybe the alchemical retort of the therapy room is the place for it.

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