Suzie Sebastian - Watsu Practitioner

Suzie Sebastian - Watsu Practitioner

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Suzie Sebastian - Colon Hydrotherapy & Watsu Practitioner Colon Hydrotherapy Colon Hydrotherapy is an effective, gentle and safe process of bathing the colon or large Intestine with purified water. We offer gravity-centered colonics. This is the original method used by Dr. Robert Woods and Dr. Norman Walker. Together they pioneered colon hydrotherapy and helped countless people with illnesses declared incurable by the medical "industry". This method allows for a simultaneous in/out flow, meaning water enters and exits at the same time.No machines, motors, or pumps are used. You won't become dependent on colonics using this method because we gently awaken the bowels to do what they are meant to do, release toxins. I am a certified therapist. I administer the treatment and am present the whole time guiding you through the experience while gently massaging the abdominal area to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.Utilizing the Gravity Flow Colonic, the results are dramatic but the process is gentle and non-traumatic. Gravity flow colonics allow for continuous intake and exit of water throughout the treatment preventing water retention and discomfort, especially for those with weak intestinal tracks. The simultaneous exit of water enhances an effective, calm and healing environment. Gravity centered colonics (Based on the Woods Gravity method) clean and tone the colon and restore natural peristalsis utilizing gentle abdominal massage during the treatment.There is no mess or leakage to worry about and you are covered with a towel during the entire procedure maintaining your privacy. Generally treatments last between 45 minutes to an hour. An ideal way to get on a path to optimum health.Our water is quadruple filtered and sanitized. The water that is used for our hydrotherapy is virtually free of debris and totally sanitized through our ultra-violet light chamber. Healing Water ModalitiesHealing Waters offers healing modalities designed to approach one's ailments from the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental aspects, which make up the human being. We differ from most nutrition-based programs, which claim illness is caused by a lack of specific elements and that by replacing them through artificial products, we can heal or be healthy. On the contrary, we believe all human illness is caused by that which remains trapped in the body.Our extensive experience has shown us that freeing the physical body of waste will begin to set in motion the healing process of our spiritual, emotional and intellectual bodies. At Healing Waters, we believe that as movement happens on one plane we greatly affect the others, creating a beautiful "domino-effect" to heal ourselves, holistically.Our approach is based on the belief that given the tools, one can heal themselves of many ailments. We are here to provide you with all the information needed to begin your journey toward becoming independently healthy! Watsu® and Waterdance … Freeing the Body In WaterSanta Barbara Watsu and WaterdanceWatsu® (Water Shiatsu) is performed in a shallow chlorine free pool in warm, 94-96 degree water set in a beautiful, private aromatherapy garden. While being supported by the practitioner, the body is guided through a series of fluid, flexible movements similar to yoga. The body is stretched and massaged on key pressure points. The support of the water takes weight off the vertebrae and allows the spine to be moved in ways impossible on land.Gentle twists and pulls relieve the pressure a rigid spine places on nerves and will undo the dysfunction this pressure causes to organs serviced by those nerves. In the water, worries float away. People reconnect with themselves, come back to their center and feel more relaxed, nurtured and happy. You will be rewarded with physical, emotional and psychological peace along with feeling uplifted with greater vital energy, mental clarity and well being.

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