Dr. Dan Staso, Ph.D. - Neurofeedback

Dr. Dan Staso, Ph.D. - Neurofeedback

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Neurofeedback - Dr. Dan Staso, Ph.D. (PSY7309) What is Neurofeedback? Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback. The body has a limited capacity to sense information coming from inside itself. However, if you monitor any biological process, amplify it, and feed it back to the brain, your brain can change it. As an example, if your place a special skin thermometer on your finger, you can raise or lower its temperature at will just by focusing on the gauge. Neurofeedback is the monitoring of brain waves with the goal of changing the patterns that cause problems. It is the modern application of the EEG (electroencephalogram) machine. I am a licensed psychologist in general practice specializing in the use of EEG Neurofeedback and other technologies for the treatment of emotional and behavioral problems. For a more in-depth view of this method and what I do, please visit my web sites at www.danstaso.com, www.neurofeedback-sb.com, or read my blog at www.drdanstaso.blogspot.com. I have been in private practice since 1982 and have extensive training and experience in EMDR and cognitive behavior therapy. I was formerly on the faculty at the California Graduate Institute in Los Angeles where I have taught Psychopharmacology, EMDR, and Fear of Intimacy. I offer take home units such as Alpha-Stim SCS and DAVID PAL audio visual entrainment devices, which complement neurofeedback and speed up results.Specialty & Conditions Helped: ADD/ADHD panic and anxiety disorder chronic pain depression marital discord primary relationship issues post traumatic stress disorder manic depression social phobia gambling addiction spouse abuse perpetrators incest victims work conflicts anger management adolescent adjustment problems drug abuse (alcohol, amphetamine, marijuana, heroin, and cocaine). Ages: 6 - 85. I treat individuals, couples, and families.Hours: 9-6 M-F

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