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Ana M. Perez, MA, MFT, NLP – Psycotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Psychospiritual Work                            Individuals, Groups & Workshops                 Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MFC #50619 Certified NFT Practitioner - Psycho-Spiritual Work                     NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP)                              Are you ready for more aliveness? Overcome debilitating anxiety, fears, phobias or depression Expand your consciousness Stop unwanted behaviors such as smoking, nailbiting, etc. Increase motivation or performance           NLP is an exceptional technology that can make it happen!NLP can quickly and easily enhance your quality of life, relationships and health as well as increase performance in sports, business, school and other areas - with lasting results. NOW is the time for a change!Uses of NLP NLP techniques have been used widely to develop the human potential and enhance quality of life. NLP is known for getting results rapidly and gracefully to stop unwanted behaviors and patterns. Among its many applications, NLP can help overcome trauma, feelings of shame and guilt, grief and loss and unhealthy attachments to others. NLP can help improve communication, respond well to criticism, become more assertive, parent better, resolve internal conflict, promote self worth, have more appreciation of others, get motivated, learn effective decision making strategies, learn to spell, overcome learning disabilities, improve performance in sports, boost the immune system to improve physical or medical conditions and improve quality of life.What is NLP?NLP is a learning system that can be used for change based on certain understandings of the way humans think, process information and behave. The following is a breakdown of the meaning of the term Neuro-Linguistic Programming:NEURO - Nervous system processes experiences through the 5 senses.LINGUISTIC - Verbal and non-verbal communication system that codes, orders and assigns meaning to these impulses.PROGRAMMING - Ability to respond in a certain way due to the meaning attached to these impulses. NLP bases its techniques on understandings of how the human brain works and the structure used by certain people to achieve exceptional results. Richard Bandler, one of the co-developers of NLP, observed accomplished therapists like Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls, as well as famous athletes and other noteworthy people. He created “maps” of the way these people processed information to achieve such outstanding results. Bandler “calibrated” these individuals' “representational systems“ (gathered sensory based information in the form of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory and olfactory cues) that revealed the way they processed information to generate the exceptional responses. He used this information to create models of excellence and found that it was possible to teach others how to be more resourceful as well.This area of NLP is called "modeling", and since its inception in 1970 continues to be an important area in NLP involved in the pursuit of high human achievement. NLP also adheres to certain presuppositions (useful beliefs).One of these presuppositions is that we all have the ability to learn how to do anything someone else can do well by applying the same structure they use. In essence, we can re-program the way we think by creating a new “map of reality”.NLP techniques are designed to change the way we think rapidly by often using unique visualization exercises. For example, a phobia may be cured by following certain visual and other simple steps without going through the agony of talking about what happened to you or experiencing undue discomfort. Reliving our traumatic experiences, as is often the approach in talk therapy, often results in years of therapy. Instead, NLP is more concerned with changing how you process information to help you change your relationship to your experience. This is not say that sharing your story is unimportant. The difference is that after the process, you can talk about your phobia unaccompanied by the usual dread, fear or anxiety. This is accomplished by having changed the underlying structure of how you percieve a threat. NLP has enabled you to arrive at a more satisfying response to the percieved threat.It is very important that you feel safe, validated and at ease with your NLP Practitioner. How does NLP work? Simply put, by altering the meaning you give to experience, patterns and behaviors change. You can say that NLP works by changing our relationship to issues or people and this is done by transforming the way we see the world, our map of reality.Traumas, difficult life experiences and conditioning can lead to erroneous beliefs about ourselves and the world. These ideas become frozen in time within our nervous system in the form of blocked energy. These thoughts, ideas or beliefs are responsible for our reactions when we are triggered in the present. You may say that we are conditioned to respond in certain ways. By re-programming the brain through certain simple exercises, we are able to replace these conditioned responses with more life affirming or desired behaviors. In the case of cigarette smoking, let's say that at a certain point in your life you associated smoking with some sort of pleasure. You may then believe unconsciously that this is the only way to derive that satisfaction, thereby smoking every time you want to have that experience. By exploring options and adding choices through the NLP exercises you can arrive at alternatives to smoking that are as or more compelling than a cigarette. Often, the release of energy that accompanies the deep felt realization that you now have other choices besides smoking to get your needs met will release you of the need to smoke.What does a session of NLP look like? An NLP practitioner is trained to help you clarify what change it is that you want by gathering certain sensory based information from you. In a nutshell, the practitioner will then calibrate the structure you use to generate the unwanted response or behavior. By following certain steps that may involve such activities as playing with or rearranging mental images and thoughts in your head, a change in the structure of perception is achieved, resulting in a more desirable behavior. The practitioner will calibrate to make sure that the new structure is now in place. You will then be asked to visualize situations in the future where you want to respond in the desired way to better ensure that the change has generalized to all these areas and that the new response will be automatic.My ApproachMy clients have described me as empathetic and caring. My personal approach is a personal blend of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and my experience and knowledge in psychology and healing methods to promote accelerated change. I came about this phenomenal system of thought and its applications called NLP back in the eighties by way of a colleague when I was a substance abuse counselor in New Mexico. He introduced me to the inspirational book Frogs into Princes by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the co-developers. I decided to undergo therapy with an NLP practitioner and was impressed with the ease and speed I was able to transform issues and behaviors; many changes came in one session. The experience literally changed my life and I became a practitioner in 1989. Soon after, I helped the colleague who had introduced me to NLP stop smoking in a forty minute session. The last time I saw him years later he told he never touched a cigarette again. Although NLP is a powerful technology that can lead to rapid change, please bear in mind that because there are many factors involved in the change process and everyone is an individual, it is impossible to guarantee the same results for all. I can tell you that I continue to use the philosophy and tools of NLP to personally become a more resourceful person, and have helped many people over the years do the same. I derive tremendous pleasure in assisting others overcome obstacles to greater personal excellence and life satisfaction.I have a deep respect for every individual and their beliefs, as well as a sincere dedication to facilitating change that strives to honor every person and our world. I believe that the possibility for personal evolution is inherent in all beings. We have untold capacities waiting to be tapped. Sometimes we feel stuck and can't seem to easily find a solution. We may sense that there is more to life and we want to go beyond the limit of our world view. This is the time to reach out to a skilled professional who can facilitate the access to your personal hidden resources. We all need each other and are in the same boat!ANA'S BACKGROUNDAna has been in the healing profession since 1985 and has a wide range of education, experience and expertise in different approaches. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California. She became a certified NLP practitioner in 1989 through NLP of Colorado with Steve and Connirae Andreas. She holds two Master's Degrees of which one is in Counseling Psychology. In addition, Ana is a certified practitioner of an energy based psychospiritual healing procedure, Noetic Field Balancing. She is a native of Cuba and speaks Spanish fluently. Ana also works at CALM in child abuse and was its Domestic Violence Program Coordinator for 7 years. In addition, Ana enjoys learning esoteric philosophy and practices meditation. She has a keen interest in knowledge derived from direct experience. She hopes to create CD's and write self-help books in the near future.                                 Psychospiritual Energy Work                                 UNFOLD THE LIGHT WITHIN Revitalize Your Relationship to Self and Others Experiential Process - Individuals, Groups and Workshops I also practice a form of energy psychology called Noetic Field Balancing that includes dialog to facilitate changing patterns and behaviors. As we align our beliefs with our Divine nature, we become clearer and raise our consciousness. I either work individually or in groups and workshops. Recipients usually report an experience of inner expansion, mental clarity and peace, as well as more of a sense of unity with others instead of separateness. Readiness for change is important to the outcome level. We are multidimensional beings with physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual bodies that interweave with each other to form the physical person that we see. A balancing can prevent illness because the imbalances first appear in the energy field before manifesting in the physical body.How is the balancing performed?During the individual procedure, a sacred space is created and the chakras (energy centers in the body) are balanced on the physical and emotional levels. Issues and patterns that are ready to be transformed generally surface. Then with the help of a specialized dialog the psycho-spiritual level is balanced. The method varies somewhat in group work.What can I expect from a Noetic Field Balancing?      If we could but gain access our life would forever be changed.This process often allows the release of the issues and patterns that were crystallized in specific parts of the body in the form of blocked energy. The result is a balanced energy field or aura. More energy can then become available to you. You may consider this work as a “karmic clearing” for patterns that you see repeated over and over again in your life.Like many of my clients, you may see such changes as letting go of unhealthy attachments, debilitating fears and judgments. Depending on the issues cleared, you may find that you respond calmly when in the past you used to respond angrily, you are more forgiving of yourself and others, or you respond better to criticism when before you were defensive. Also, you may find that you feel more connected to others and less alone or lonely, or you may feel more grounded and connected to yourself and source. The individual balancing session generally takes about one hour and fifteen minutes to one and a half hours. Three session are recommended consecutively with at least two weeks in between. Tune ups can be done on the average of once a year or as needed depending on new issues to be cleared. Please call with any question you may have about the procedure. This process lends itself well to distance healing. If you find that you are distressed or ready to undo a pattern or behavior, Ana is also available to do mini clearings of 10-20 minutes in person, by phone or Internet.  Call or email for more information or to set an appointment.Testimonials:It opened up something that had been blocked for a long time. Something changed or shifted or was rearranged.- K.S.I have a fuller understanding of my issue with my husband. It comes not only from my mind but from the whole of me. It's as if I experience the understandings viscerally.- J.S.I realized that my body was holding my belief system and that by doing this process I was able to physically identity and release those limiting beliefs.- James Smallwood, Santa Barbara, CAThis was real deep transformation-but, FUN! Only love present here! Ana is a wonderful, wise angelic creator teacher.- J.D.I have never had something like this happen to me. It is very efficient. It cuts through time and space and memory very quickly. You are very good with your guidance.- Charlotte Kosir, Santa Fe, NMThe tools I received helped me clear old, stuck thoughts and patterns… I'll be able to use these tools at home, alone or with my partner because they are simple to remember.- P.J.Isn't it time for a change?Call Ana M. Perez at  805-284-4330805-284-4330  for an appointment!ContactAna Perez, MA, MFT, NLP 629 St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101805-284-4330805-284-4330 Call Send SMS Add to Skype You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype

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