Laurie Campion - Certified Nutrition Consultant

Laurie Campion - Certified Nutrition Consultant

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Food For Health Now  -  Comprehensive health evaluations and lab testing in Marin and Sonoma Counties Weight Loss Programs Includes your metabolic type Resets your metabolism to stabilize your lost weight Addresses health issues that may interfere with weight loss Cleansing Programs Detoxifies your body of built up toxins  Supports the liver to do it's job filtering out these toxins Helps the body metabolize fats Great for losing unhealthy belly fat Children's Wellness  Addresses poor eating habits that can contribute to chronic health issues mood disorders learning difficulties Health Issues Blood sugar imbalance causing diabetes, mood swings, sugar cravings, fatigue and obesity Digestive problems causing bloating, gas, irregularity and skin disorders Hormone related issues causing brain fog, insomnia, depression, fatigue, slow metabolism and weight gain Muscular/Skeletal disorders such as osteoparosis, arthritis, tendonitis and physical weakness  Cardiovascular disease causing high blood pressure and high cholesterol Immune support for reocurring infections, colds and flu and allergies San Rafael Certified Nutrition Consultant

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San Rafael, CA 94901, USA


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