Brooke Deputy, Bioenergetic & TRE Practitioner

Brooke Deputy, Bioenergetic & TRE Practitioner

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 A certified TRE practitioner (Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises),  I studied with David Bercelli, TRE creator and founder and have taught TRE both in California and internationally. I completed a five-year training and am certified in Bioenergetics, a life energy psychology which integrates mind, body, emotions and spirit. I studied with Bioenergetic founder, Alexander Lowen and Frank Hladky, senior Bioenegetic trainer.   I also trained in Esalen massage and provide healing environments for women with illness and their caregivers.    I  combine expressive movement, tai chi and dance into my TRE, movement and meditation classes and workshops.  I have lived and worked at Esalen Institute and continue to teach TRE and Bioenergetic movement at Esalen as well as offering TRE Intro workshops and weekly TRE practice groups in the East Bay. Bioenergetic & TRE Practitioner in Albany, near Oakland California

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