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Vibrational therapy is a complementary healing art that includes a variety of methods: energy, sound, light, color, touch. Science teaches us that all matter is simply vibrating waveforms – so our bodies, thoughts, feelings, ARE VIBRATION! Since matter vibrates at a precise frequency, resonant vibrations can be used to return your being to its natural frequencies. Reiki and sound healing are just a few vibrational therapy methods Be In Tune offers. Pain alerts you to disharmony in your being, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual. Vibrational therapy can help you release those vibrations and bring you back in tune. After multiple treatments, some clients have experienced their chronic pain vanish completely! You too can have lasting, positive change. Treatment sessions are available in person or over the phone. Awakened Voice lessons heal your wounded singer. Trainings are available in Reiki One and Two, vocal sound healing, personal energetic boundaries, Reiki Kotodama, and more. Schedule your FREE consultation now at

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