Kate Winch

Kate Winch

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“Thank you Kate…Great session. Got so much out of it! Just like always the benefits come in right after I leave you. Crazy how fast our sessions work  :) “ Kate loves helping bring balance, harmony and general well-being to her client’s lives. Kate is committed to supporting her clients fulfill their dreams. Kate has been a Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner (EFT) for over six years, EFT (tapping) is a powerful tool similar to acupuncture, but without the needles. Kate is amazed by the results she has been having with her clients and in her own life. She is very passionate about teaching EFT to people, this is a simple technique you can do on yourself. Kate loves using tapping for Abundance by clearing negative emotions, limiting beliefs and other blocks in the way of feeling great and attracting what you want! These techniques are extraordinary for releasing stress, anger, fear, worry, guilt and other negative emotions, along with limiting beliefs. You can use Tapping for any area of your life! Health, Relationships, finances, career, peace of mind, and so on. Kate is a Speaker, she leads workshops and teleclasses. She also works with people one on one via Skype or phone all over the world. Kate is originally from Somerset, England. She spends her time hiking with her dog, listening to music, pursuing her passion for singing, traveling and sharing time with friends. To contact Kate, email her at rejuvenationsf@yahoo.com, or call 415-648-8814 or find her on Facebook !

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