Spiritual Astrology readings

Spiritual Astrology readings

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2013 has arrived and continues the same kind of intensity in the world that began a few years ago. Revolutionary change and upheaval have become the norm.  Extremes of disasters, the unexpected and shocking...will continue. The principle of "as above, so below" means that we also reflect this in our personal lives. Past lives - what kinds of lessons does your Soul need to master this time around? What qualities (good and bad) did you come in with? My readings delve deep, but are also down-to-earth and lighthearted. It is also likely that you will learn some basic Astrology along the way! I will analyze your chart of birth and look at what the Heavens were doing on your Birth Day. The planets don't "cause" things to happen, rather they reflect or symbolize what is happening in your Life. I will look at what's in store  for you this coming Year, as well and suggest ways you can best navigate the challenges in store. For this reading, I will need your date of birth, what city and country, and what time you were born. The exact time of birth is very important for a complete reading.    One hour reading is only $85 for new clients (usually $100)            I look forward to speaking and meeting with you!  

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