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Gwendolyn Mitchell

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Certified One Consciousness Transformer & Oneness Trainer THE BEAUTIFUL STATE THE BEAUTIFUL STATE is a two-day spiritual workshop designed to help participants identify the factors that create stress and to master the art of freedom from stress. Scientifically developed practices coupled with insightful wisdom lessons create a profound shift in consciousness, thereby culminating in a BEAUTIFUL STATE of calm, love, joy and connectedness. You will take home a simple, short and impactful meditation practice that helps you stay connected to this BEAUTIFUL STATE.  Oneness Blessing The Oneness Blessing, aka Deeksha, given through a light touch on the head or through intention, is a sacred energy transfer initiating a neurobiological shift in the brain.  This shift calms the parietal lobes and increases activity in the frontal lobes, an area associated with the experience of living in the now.The chattering mind slows down and the natural state of clarity arises, making it easy to solve problems and make decisions.  Many people report feelings of peace, causeless joy, and inner freedom after receiving the Oneness Blessing. There are millions of Deeksha Givers worldwide sharing this sacred gift.    Oneness Awakening Course An experiential journey taught over two days, the Oneness Awakening Course offers Oneness Teachings, Ancient Processes, and Sacred Rituals, culminating in a powerful initiation to become a Certified Oneness Blessing Giver, aka Deeksha Giver. Once initiated to give the Oneness Blessing, you will be able to transfer this sacred energy to others to uplift humanity. As you help others grow spiritually, you will notice a shift in your own consciousness.You will experience transformational healing - releasing deep-seated emotional charges, setting right your relationships, and opening your heart.   Wealth and Prosperity Process True wealth is much more than simply material prosperity. It Graces every area of our lives: health, relationships, our state of consciousness and our connection with the Divine. This process was designed by Oneness University to help us receive Grace for prosperity and abundance in every area of our lives. It includes teachings, meditations, contemplations, rituals and a special Deeksha. The process continues with participants doing a 1-hour process at home each day for 11 days following the initial workshop. For the process to be most effective, one should complete the full 11 days.  Lake Merritt Oneness  Join us on alternating Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m. to experience the Oneness Blessing at Lake Merritt Church, 1330 Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610.   For more information about this incredible spiritual gift, visit

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