Rev. Madalyn Suozo

Rev. Madalyn Suozo

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Reverend Madalyn Suozzo is a Medical Clairvoyant, Health Coach and Regenesis teacher, with the unique ability to perceive the human energy field. Since age 14 she has been actively engaged in researching Energy Medicine when she began sensing images, color, sounds and 'light' emanating from all living things. She says that anyone who wants to can also develop this talent as it is our natural state and we live in a system of lies about our abilities. Her work has been mentioned in 3 healing books and she has weekend seminars teaching people how to contact their own cell memory and regeneration capabilities. Madalyn is one of the few people who studied directly with Bob Rasmussen and has been teaching people how to regenerate cell tissue with their hands for many years. She is a Regenesis® practitioner and teacher, has spent the last 25 years researching how the body regenerates with a background that includes stem cell research, immune boosting, and intuitive counsel. Her deep study has been to observe how the body intrinsically heals itself, so she can pass that information on to others. She offers: Regenesis classes to learn how to regenerate cell tissue (great for parents to heal their children) Cancer coaching teach how to turn on the immune system 5D-Regenesis where you can learn how to expand your Extra-Sensory Perception (800) 900-5581  

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