Christopher A Pinckley - Entrepreneurs Coach

Christopher A Pinckley - Entrepreneurs Coach

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Global Entrepreneurs is dedicated to training start-up entrepreneurs how to become successfull entrepreneurs and Global Leaders.

Here you will get all the tools you need to get started as a successful entrepreneur.  Most of the training required to become successful centers around your ability to utilize the power of your own mind.  Once unlocked, you are capable of literally anything.  It is simply a shift in your consciousness. Most people are merely a few shifts away from becoming more successful than they could possibly imagine. "The mission statement of Global Entrepreneurs is to empower people to empower themselves.  Our goal is to help those who desire to step up to the plate through the process of self-mastery.  We believe that every human being deserves the right to create the life that they want.  We also believe that we do not have the right to ask for ‘peace on Earth’ until every human being has felt the feeling of empowerment. The plan of Global Entrepreneurs is help individuals desiring it to gain self-mastery so that they may consciously direct their energy towards the betterment of themselves and the planet.  In turn, they will develop sustainable businesses which will nurture local economies which, in turn, will empower them to take a leadership position.  These newly developed leaders will then be cultivated to become Global Leaders who will shape our New World in a positive and sustainable way. Global Entrepreneurs wants to empower the people of the Earth to cultivate internal power within themselves, also known as Authentic Power.  We believe that when this happens we will witness the first actual ‘Global Change’.  When people feel authentic power they no longer feel the need compete for resources; which has resulted in war, famine, and greed.  Rather, through authentic power, people become creative and resourceful and are more likely to find sustainable solutions.  The end result will be the collective feeling of abundance on the planet and a major shift in consciousness." If you think you might be interested send an email to or phone 510-990-1431 and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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